The smoothie made with 7 homemade ingredients that will help you recover collagen

The smoothie made with 7 homemade ingredients that will help you recover collagen

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One of the main signs of agingis the appearance of frequent pains that did not used to be there. We talk specifically about the pain of joints for the loss of collagenand although in most cases it is not serious, it is very annoying on a daily basis. Many people start complaining about knee pain suddenly, for example; but whatever the case, there is a Home remedy practically ‘miraculous’ to deal with these discomforts.

Collagen: an indisputable ally at home for joint pain

The reason why the legs hurt joints with gradual aging, is that, as we gain years, we also lose collagena type of fundamental protein in the body that is responsible for providing resistance, elasticity and structure in ligaments. Therefore, it is an essential nutrient that, when it stops being produced naturally, requires being incorporated into the daily diet.

In this sense, it is essential to look for foods rich in collagen to maintain the elasticity of our body (and, in the process, prevent wrinkles.) And while it is true that you can distribute the collagen In each of your meals, there is a smoothie that, with a single intake in the morning, will make you notice a great improvement in pain. Furthermore, it is a Home remedy which provides vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, some calcium and antioxidants. Below, we give you the necessary ingredients for this revitalizing formula of joints:

First of all, you must have water ready to unify all the ingredients of this Home remedy anti-aging and anti-pain joints. Then, have on hand a cup of oatmeal, another of orange juice, and another of pineapple juice. Later, to complement it, get two tablespoons of honey, five shelled almonds, and some cinnamon powder (the latter is generally to taste.) When you have everything, follow these steps:

  • Place the water and oats in a pot. Boil them for five minutes and let them rest over low heat while you sprinkle the cinnamon,
  • After about 10 minutes, pour this mixture into a blender along with the pineapple and orange juices.
  • Add the almonds and teaspoons of honey as a final touch
  • Make sure to blend everything until you get a uniform mixture

With this smoothie, which we recommend you drink in the morning, you will not only feel satisfied in terms of nutrients, but you will also be giving yourself a boost of collagen to your whole body. In just a few days, you will notice a feeling of general well-being along with almost no discomfort in your joints (especially in the knee.) These foods are rich in collagenso if you also want to benefit from its aesthetic advantages; look for them in masks and/or face creams.

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