Vicente Saavedra, Clarissa Molina’s ex, celebrates his first year of dating a Venezuelan model – El Diario NY

Vicente Saavedra, Clarissa Molina’s ex, celebrates his first year of dating a Venezuelan model – El Diario NY

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In the images, you can see the couple in various situations: trips together, romantic dinners, moments of complicity and affection. In the text that accompanies the photos, Vicente Saavedra expresses his love for Ninoska Vásquez and Thank you for a year full of happiness and growth together.

The photos uploaded to the social network of the camera generated a lot of controversy, since many followers of Clarissa Molina have expressed their surprise at seeing her ex-fiancé in a new relationship just a year after their breakup. However, some have also sent messages of support and good wishes to the couple, wishing them happiness in their love.

Molina has kept a low profile regarding her love life since her separation from Saavedra, focusing his attention on his professional career. Despite the rumors and speculation, the presenter has not made any public comments about her ex’s relationship.

We will have to wait to see how this new relationship between Vicente and Ninoska evolves, and how this affects Clarissa’s life. What is clear is that the artist manager has found love again and is willing to enjoy it to the fullest.

Internet users think about Vicente Saavedra’s relationship

Many more will come. You are and will be one more of the bunch, that is, one more number on the list”, “Don’t worry, it was a great favor that you did Clari to take that bag of salt away from her”, “Clarissa will always be more beautiful and regal”, “Enjoy while it lasts because it changes you right now”, “Only God knows what he freed Clarissa from”, “Thank God that our Clari came out of that”, “We will always be art in the right eyes”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

Clarissa Molina on love

“I can tell you that I am really enjoying this time where I can rewrite my story however I want. So, I think this advantage of having the opportunity to rewrite your story is very important.. There are people who stay with me in my heart forever, who will always be there present; But the paths take us through different, future destinations and nothing… I think to continue forward,” he told the magazine HELLO!

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