They criticize Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios for supposedly being ‘overweight’

They criticize Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios for supposedly being ‘overweight’



For several years, the image of the beauty queens has been placed in the eye of the storm as to how it changes once they get the crown of miss Universeand the most recent case is that of this year’s winner 2024, Sheynnis Palacios, who has been harshly criticized for supposedly wearing some kilos more, which has divided opinions across the social networks and these are the images.

Let us remember that it was last January when Nicaragua made history by having as a representative of miss Universe to the journalist from just 23 years old, who captivated everyone with his personality and beautysince without a doubt it has taken its origin and culture to different parts of the world, since today it is on the Asian continent in the middle of its media tour around the planet.

What is a fact is that its image has been severely attacked by the social networksbecause despite being in one of its best moments, the Miss Universe 2024 has been harshly accused of allegedly altering its image and body when gaining weight, and as expected through Web Opinions have been divided regarding the body shaming of which he is a victim Sheynnis Palacios and these are the images that have gone around the world.

Photo: IG / sheynnispalacios_of

Why did Sheynnis Palacios gain weight?

And it was the same winner of the beauty contest this year who shared through his account instagram your most recent visit to Laos, where he captivated those present and cyber community; However, her sensual appearance was criticized by those who claim that she looks much more overweight than when she was crowned the undisputed winner, and these have been some of the comments she has received.

“He has been hard on the tamales,” “he looks like he has a few extra pounds,” “you ate a lot,” “you have given free rein to your appetite,” were some of the accusations against him, while his most faithful or that her most loyal fans have supported her and ask her to ignore the hate she has been receiving in recent days for her physical appearance, since many claim that she looks better than ever.

The communicator was seen with a tight mermaid cut dress and light blue, which alone highlighted the planes of different colors and the pronounced strapless neckline that revealed the best charms of Sheynnis Palacios, and although now he opted for hair tied, many assure that it does not move so much slim like when he won.

Photo: IG / sheynnispalacios_of

It is important to mention that comparisons with some of its predecessors have not been long in coming, since names like that of Alicia Machado And till Harnaz Sandhu were present, since the winners of past years also had a mismatch in their size while wearing the crown of miss Universe; Until now, Sheynnis Palacios He has not commented on the attacks against his body.

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