Luis Fonsi sends a message to Adamari López after scandalous DIVORCE;  ‘Love ends’

Luis Fonsi sends a message to Adamari López after scandalous DIVORCE; ‘Love ends’


It has been more than a decade since Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi They separated in terms much commented on by the press. And since then, the scandal has followed them beyond their new lives and renewed families. This is mainly due to the context of their sad breakup, since it occurred in the context of when Adamari was diagnosed with breast cancer. After that difficult stage and some questionable comments from Fonsi’s fans, both celebrities have detailed the crises that ended their love. Therefore, although almost 14 years have passed since its divorcethe two are still attentive to each other (whether they want it or not.)

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The new message of ‘heartbreak’ that Luis Fonsi dedicated to Adamari López

Through a recent interview with the well-known driver Yordi Rosado, Luis Fonsi He recapitulated his marriage with Adamari, although very briefly. And just a few months ago, Yordi interviewed Adamari Lopez in the same context. Ada, for her part, did not hesitate to delve into the ‘disses’ that she received from the ‘Despacito’ performer;’ and that of course, served as ‘firewood’ to give rise to the divorce. Thus, when Rosado wanted to go deeper into that, it was inevitable that the Puerto Rican would get a little irritated and make a gesture of discomfort:

I don’t mind talking about it divorce,) but it is tiring, Because, in my case, I am married and have two children. I have children, especially the girl, she is 12 years old. She is a bright girl and she has the Internet. Talking about the past doesn’t bother me because, despite what is believed, I ended up well with Adamari, and I respect her a lot (…) What I experienced was beautiful, I look back and only remember beautiful things. I have never said anything relatively negative about Adamari, the love simply ended and that happens.

So, Luis Fonsi He clarified that he is very happy with his new family. And together with his wife, Águeda López, he managed to build a home without reproaches. The composer even stated that Agueda has never made any claim to him regarding Adamari Lopez. In the end, to show that there are zero hard feelings and that he is only uncomfortable talking about his ex out of respect for her children, Fonsi dedicated a brief closing message to Adamari Lopez: «Ada is shining, she is doing super well and she is very successful. Celebrate that. I’m going my way, and thank God it’s going well for me. Let’s celebrate that.»

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