Meghan Markle is destroyed for wearing EXPENSIVE sandals amid Kate Middleton’s health crisis

Meghan Markle is destroyed for wearing EXPENSIVE sandals amid Kate Middleton’s health crisis


The British royal family is going through one of the most delicate and complicated moments of its entire existence, now that two of its members are in very poor health, the King Charles III and Kate Middletonwho suffer from cancer. Despite this, within the royalty they are not exempt from controversies in the midst of this situation, as is happening with Meghan Markle.

While the family is in crisismany are wondering what the future of the monarchy will be, because on the one hand, Charles is the one who sits on the throne and carries out most of the royal tasks, while Middleton is the most popular and favorite of all.

Other royals such as prince williamPrincess Anne, Prince Edward and Queen Camilla have taken on some duties, while many are wondering what the role of Meghan and the prince harry here, since it would be believed that they would be supporting their family or being involved.


What Meghan Markle did that she has been criticized for

While the royal family is in crisis due to the health situation of the Princess of Wales, the former actress has been harshly criticized for spending her money on some sandals of the Hermes brand, which cost $760 and with which she was captured this weekend in Palm Beach.


People did not hesitate destroy the protagonist of “Suites” because of the expensive footwear she wore in the middle of a presentation with Harry about her new show that she will have on Netflix, so they did not hesitate to criticize her while she was wearing a blue linen shirt and white pants.

Meghan was also caught wearing these sandals while hugging one of her friends, while she seemed much more relaxed than on other occasions, in addition to looking with a attire much more informal, but at the same time, being a great option for this spring.

When wearing these expensive sandals, many did not hesitate to share their criticism of Meghan Markle through social networks, since many think that she is not being aware of what the British royal family is currently experiencing in the midst of this health crisis that the pursue.

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