They derail Cruz Azul again, now Necaxa surprises them and defeats them 1-2 at home – La Opinión

They derail Cruz Azul again, now Necaxa surprises them and defeats them 1-2 at home – La Opinión

The machine of Blue Cross was derailed again by one of those rivals who on paper are inferior in football ability, but whose coach, the Mexican Eduardo Fentanes, knew how to read, like his compatriot Ignacio Ambriz of Santos Laguna, the weaknesses offered by the cement team in its desire to go on the attack to give it the third defeat in the Clausura 2024 tournament of the Liga MX, this time with a score of 2-1.

It was really of little use to Cruz Azul that the Argentine Carlos Rotondi scored the goal of the pool, since Necaxa, Just by adjusting the mark in midfield and without hesitating to put the truck back, he caught the cement workers who were always in a bad position to turn the score around with goals from the former Cruzazulino, the Colombian Diber Cambindo and the Argentine José Paradela, for less than what It sounds like a rooster to have the proud Cruzazulinos on the ropes.

Precisely at that moment, The Machine showed that it is not going through its best moment, Well, just like against Santos Laguna, he showed that he does not have enough squad to change the history of the games.

Because their fans may be accustomed to the dribbles of Uriel Antuna, which are sometimes unsuccessful, to the arrivals from behind by José Ignacio Rivero or the shots of Carlos Rodríguez and his namesake Rotondi, as well as the incessant fight of Ángel Sepúlveda.

But except for them, the rest like Mateo Levy, Alexis Gutiérrez. Amaury Morales and Bryan Gamboa are not yet ready for large companies to respond to Cruz Azul in its most critical moments.

This is what happened in the second half, where so many arrivals at Necaxi’s goal ended up making a hero of the Spanish goalkeeper Ezequiel Unsain, who practically lowered the curtain and made his goal an insurmountable barrier.

Imago 1489242
The Argentine Carlos Rotondi put Cruz Azul ahead, but it was of no use, because in the end Necaxa snatched the victory 1-2 from them. Photo:Manlio Contreras/Imago7.

Even in the play where Cruz Azul could have achieved the tie in the 60th minute with a point-blank shot by Uruguayan José Ignacio Rivero, the Spanish goalkeeper prevented the score by drowning out the screams of the thousands of celestial fans.

In this way, Cruz Azul not only lost to Necaxa, but its defeat represented the fourth of the current championship and the second at home, after losing to Pachuca on the first date.

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