This homemade fertilizer will help your citrus trees produce fruit in spring

This homemade fertilizer will help your citrus trees produce fruit in spring

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Spring is approaching and with it the beauty of the plants, it is the time of year in which we look forward to the trees fruit trees give us a generous harvest that we can enjoy during the spring. So that your trees citrus If they give you a generous harvest, you need to provide them with the necessary nutrients that will help them maintain their health and flowering.

Trees that produce fruit citrus They require several specific nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to grow healthy and to be able to carry out the flowering process that will allow fruit production. If you also want the fruits that your citrus trees They are not so acidic, you should also add the fertilizer you provide them with minerals such as iron and magnesium.

The ingredients that make up this efficient homemade fertilizer They will help you provide your citrus tree with the nutrients it needs to be able to produce generous fruit production. It will also cause the pH of the soil where you have your trees planted to be a little more acidic, which is beneficial and ideal for this type. of plants. Apply this fertilizer, which is ideal if you want to collect a large harvest during spring.

Prepare this organic fertilizer for your citrus plants

To prepare this pass which will be very beneficial for your trees citrus You will need the following ingredients: ½ cup of cinnamon, two tablespoons of baking soda, three liters of water, 8 quite ripe lemons. These ingredients will help you provide your citrus tree of the nutrients you need to stay strong, healthy and thriving for the spring season.

In a container, place half a cup of cinnamon and tablespoons of baking soda. We will also squeeze the juice from the lemons. When you have the ingredients ready, add the 3 liters of water and with the help of a spoon we will stir until the ingredients are perfectly integrated. We will allow the pass Rest for at least 2 hours before applying it so that the ingredients release all their properties into the water.

Apply this excellent organic fertilizer It is very simple, apply it directly to the substrate of your trees as irrigation water, although this fertilizer is very nutritious, it is not necessary to apply it very often or every time you have to water your plants, you can only apply it twice a month, this measure is more than enough for you to appreciate the results in your citrus trees.

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