From sign language to Arabic: the adaptations against Karla Panini

From sign language to Arabic: the adaptations against Karla Panini

Karla Panini has become one of the most hated characters in Mexican pop culture since she betrayed her “friend” Karla Luna in 2015. Although several years have passed since the scandal that shocked Mexican society, Tiktok and a Korean woman revived their controversy.

When it seemed that Mexican society was beginning to forget the hatred towards Karla Panini, a Korean woman chronologically relived the betrayal that she did to Karla Luna, who starred with the actress in the comedy program The Washerwomen.

The Youtuber made the chronology of the deception as just another video, without knowing that it would cause a challenge from Tiktok which, according to the creators, is intended to make world the story about him why Karla Panini is one of the most hated characters of Mexican pop culture.

The participants of the challenge have narrated the history about how it was that Karla Panini was lover of Americo Garza, who was the husband of her “friend” Karla Luna in different languages. From Arab, English, sign language, and even in “f”they seek to make the chronology known.

With phrases like “even in Arab “They are going to know about the crap you did, Karla Panini,” the participants of the challenge They begin to tell the story of the protagonists of The laundresses.

Another adaptation of the story was made in Portuguese.

In addition, another user shared a Tiktok in which with Sign Language tells the story of how Américo Garza and Karla Panini were lovers when Karla Luna was going through the last phase of her terminal illness.

Even in the language “f”which consists of adding the phoneme “f” to each vowel and repeating it, came the version of the story against Panini.

Even in Náhuatl the case against Karla Panini went viral.

Why do they hate Karla Panini?

Karla Panini became one of the most hated characters in Mexican pop culture because She was Americo’s lover Heron, then husband of Karla Lunawith whom he starred in the comedy show The laundresses.

The hatred increased further when it became known that Karla Luna was facing terminal cancer, and although Panini showed him all his support in front of her, conversations were recently revealed in which She asked Américo to treat her badly.

While through messages Panini asked him to treat her badly, Luna told her friend that she suspected that her husband had another woman because he began to distance himself from her, but Panini told her that they were baseless suspicions.

As the doubt grew, Panini confessed that he kissed Américo at a party but assured that I would never try anything to harm her. and Luna forgave her.

Was until the last stage of her illness that Karla Luna found out about the betrayal Because her sister did not have a cell phone and she lent her that of her then husband, Américo, so she discovered all the conversations between them.

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