Tim Tszyu’s cut and Sebastián Fundora’s broken nose turned a tough warrior fight red – La Opinion

Tim Tszyu’s cut and Sebastián Fundora’s broken nose turned a tough warrior fight red – La Opinion

Sebastian Fundora He was crowned unified 154-pound champion by winning by split decision to Tim Tszyu in a tough warrior fight that was marked by the cut on the Australian’s forehead and the broken nose of the American, who dyed the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas red.

The first to start bleeding profusely was Fundora after receiving a strong blow from his rival that broke his nose in the first round of the fight, but in the next it was Tszyu who – due to an involuntary elbow from the American – was bathed in red due to a cut on the top of his head.

The amount of blood that flowed from the Australian’s cut It was described “like a fountain” by the former champion himself when he was heading to his corner after finishing the round. This meant that his visibility was not the best because everything fell directly into his eyes.

“I am who I am: a warrior. A little blood? It’s just that my vision was gone. I literally couldn’t see with my eyes, non-stop. Physically I felt good. You’re struggling with blurry vision…it’s not ideal. Especially against Fundora,” declared Tim Tszyu.

Although Sebastián Fundora’s bleeding was also unpleasant, Tszyu’s was more worrying. Despite that, the former champion was able to convince referee Harvey Dock and the doctor that he could see to continue in the fight.

The American was able to take advantage of this to take the victory on all three judges’ cards David Sutherland (115-113) and Steve Weisfeld (116-112), while Tim Cheatham scored the fight in favor of the Australian 116-112. Fundora added the title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and retained that of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

“I thought to myself, ‘Hey, it’s a little sticky in here… I’ve been through things like that. Since I was eight years old, I had nosebleeds all the time. Blood isn’t crazy to me until it’s taken out of my arm. We fight on stage. “We are gladiators,” she expressed.

0144 Tszyu vs Fundora
Sebastián Fundora was able to take the victory and snatch the WBO belt from Tim Tszyu. Photo Courtesy: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions.

“My fights are always bloody. I think maybe this was a candidate for Fight of the Year. It was a tough fight, a tough opponent for us like Tim Tszyu. cIn this fight, we really showed our Mexican bloodinside and out, but we are very grateful for all the fans who attended and all the Mexican crowds who came to support us,” he added.

Sebastián Fundora, 26, became the unified WBC and WBO 154-pound champion after defeating the Australian. The American Now he has 21 wins, 13 by fast track, and one setback as a professional.

Tim Tszyu, 29, who became absolute WBO champion in October last year, lost the scepter and his undefeated record against Fundora. The Australian has a record of 23 wins (17 by knockout) and one loss.

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