Unpublished PHOTO of Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel at the Oscars revealed

Unpublished PHOTO of Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel at the Oscars revealed



Attention nostalgia lovers! Do you remember that night in 1997 when two of the brightest stars in Mexico, Luis Miguel and Salma Hayekdazzled on the red carpet at the Oscar? That photo, captured at the Vanity Fair Party, remains a national treasure for fans, and today we want to relive that chapter of the history of the show Mexican. At the time, it was a note that sparked scandal, rumors and even envy, but the only truth is that they looked gorgeous together.

Salma Hayekwhose career in hollywood was barely starting, she surprised the world by appearing at the gala accompanied by The Sun of Mexico. The woman from Veracruz had been invited to present the performance of Kenny Loggins, who performed the song “For the First Time” by One Fine Day, nominated for best original song. Both Mexicans, radiant and smiling, became the center of attention. The couple’s presence triggered the rumors about a possible romance. However, both artists came out to give their statements on the matter.

The 69th edition of the Oscar awardswhich took place on March 24, 1997, was a stellar event that attracted the cream of the crop. hollywood. Among the nominees were big names in cinema, but it was the film “The English Patient” that stole the night, winning nine awards, including Best Picture. Geoffrey Rush and Cuba Gooding Jr. were also awarded Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively. Without a doubt, it was a night to remember in the history of cinema.

Did Luis Miguel and Salma Hayek have a romantic relationship?

Despite the rumors, in those days, Luis Miguel He had a romantic relationship with Daisy Fuentes, while Salma Hayek she dated Edward Norton. After the ceremony, the couple was invited to the AIDS Foundation Partya party that Elton John organizes year after year. This event is known for its great impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS, having raised more than $400 million in total.

Luis Miguel and Salma Hayek during the 69th Oscar Awards. / Credits: Special

Although many remember the brand new couple smiling on the red carpet at the Oscar, Luis Miguel and hayek They had already attended another event together, the Carousel of Hope Ball in October 1996. This event is famous not only for its glamour, but also for its charitable cause. Funds raised at the Carousel of Hope Ball go toward diabetes clinical research, treatment and education.

“’20 years ago at my first Oscars with my friend Luis Miguel. My God, how skinny she was!’” He commented on his social networks.

After the second round in the Oscar, hayek did not give rise to speculation about an alleged romance, and made it clear that his relationship with Luis Miguel It was simply friends. In February 2017, Hayek remembered that night by sharing a photo where she appears with Luis Miguel at the award ceremony. A memory that, without a doubt, is still alive in the hearts of fans.

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