Toño Mauri confesses that he could soon meet the family of the young man who DONATED his lungs to him

Toño Mauri confesses that he could soon meet the family of the young man who DONATED his lungs to him


Toño Mauri He has not been the same since that time he entered the hospital after being infected with Covid 19; Once the virus entered his body, his health has been severely affected, he was even on the verge of death. But everything changed when she received the donation of lungs, which she needed so much to stay alive. Now, a few years after what happened, the actor confessed that he could soon meet the young man’s family. donor.

The Mexican actor, Toño Mauriwas one of the many affected by the pandemic Covid 19; At the end of 2020, he became infected and experienced severe symptoms that led to him being hospitalized and placed in intensive care. Fortunately, after a long and difficult battle against the disease, Mauri managed to recover, thanks mainly to the fact that he received a donation of lungs from a young man.

Since then, Toño Mauri has shared her experience as a survivor of Covid 19, to raise awareness about the importance of taking precautions and taking care of your health. In fact, it has been through her social networks and interviews that she has shared messages of gratitude for the support received throughout this time. But if there is someone he wants to thank, it is the young man’s family. donor.

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Thanks to this family, Toño Mauri He is still alive and recovering from the serious consequences left by the virus. In his most recent meeting with the media, the actor said that he sent a letter to the loved ones of whom he was his donor so he could meet them and thank them in person for what they did for him. Visibly moved, the famous man shared his desire to see them.

Toño Mauri plans to meet with the family of the young man who DONATED his lungs to him

Toño Mauri reported that he once again made the request to the young donor’s relatives to be able to meet with them as soon as possible: “My first letter was lost in the hospital and they never delivered it and I didn’t know. Now they contacted me and told me : ‘Toño, you have to do it again’, so I have hope that three years have passed, that the family has already gone through the grief of having lost a very dear family member and I am waiting for answers…”, he told the media, statements that were taken up by the Despierta América program.

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He assured that this meeting could take place soon, since he sent them the letter for some time now. “It may be early because I sent the letter 15 days ago, because I did it through a group in the United States that is dedicated to that and I am very excited, I put it in the hands of God. They always let you pass a year later of the transplant so that the transplant really works, and then you can write a letter and if the family is interested in meeting you then this meeting can be held,” he said.

“The boy who donated to me was 28 years old, very young, so losing a family member so young must be very strong…” he added, showing empathy with the boy’s family. donor. That is how Toño Mauri He hopes that the loved ones of the young man who donated his organs will want to reunite with him, although he knows that it can be complicated because they could still be grieving. At the moment, the actor’s health remains stable, after being infected with Covid 19.

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