US company launches remote EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $18 per hour

US company launches remote EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $18 per hour


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Without a doubt, the remote jobs have become one of the new opportunities of employment to which thousands of people turn who do not have the opportunity to greet their homethen now USA joins this modality and the best of all is that the option that we are going to present to you below is perfect for the people who speak spanish and for which you could earn 18 dollars per hour.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs became increasingly popular, and even though normality has now returned to the world, many international companies continue with this work model which gives much more freedom and conformability to your employees, and the best of all is that you can expand your employment skills without the need to leave your homeand this is how you can apply.

And it is that through portal one has been offered job opportunity that you can do from the comfort of your home, since the American company Littera Education offers remote employment to fill the position of Bilingual Online Tutor for K12 students, Therefore, one of the essential requirements is that the interested party I spoke spanishso below we are going to tell you how to apply and what tasks you will have to be one of the chosen ones.

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It is important to mention that in order to apply to this job offer for which you don’t need to leave your house, send a job application, which you must also complete with a two-minute video sharing your experience in mathematics or algebra subjects, this to make way for a virtual interview that you will have as a simulated tutoring demonstration of just five minutes, and if you are one of those selected the company will contact you.

What do I need to work from home for a US company?

According to the aforementioned portal, the person who is selected for this remote work from the comfort of your home, you must have experience in the world of teachingsince he will have students from all over USA, so it should have a significant impact on travel learning of the students, and those would be your activities.

  • Mentor and engage students with clear communication.
  • Good command of the use of online virtual tools and technology.
  • Availability to have a consistent schedule from week to week at the same time every day and a minimum of four days per week for possible Monday through Friday scheduling.
  • Fluency in Spanish and English.

It is important to mention that within the opportunities that offers this position that has been positioned as one of the ace popular From recent days there are some like:

  • Salary of $18 per hour for English/reading and math sessions
  • The high school offers an additional 4 dollars per hour
  • Satisfaction of receiving tutoring help for those students who need it most.
  • Flexible hours and at your convenience.
  • All the tools and training at your disposal.


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