VIDEO: Featherweight reappears after months of absence with a controversial message to his detractors – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Featherweight reappears after months of absence with a controversial message to his detractors – El Diario NY

After weeks of speculation, rumors and photographs about the state of health, mental and artistic of Featherweightthe Mexican singer returned to the stage with a harsh and forceful message towards his detractors.

The interpreter of “She dances Alone” was presented, during the night of March 13, on the surface of the Moody Theater as part of the South by Southwest Future of Music event, organized by Rolling Stone magazine. It should be noted that in recent days, the singer born in Jalisco became the cover of the prestigious media, who named him the future of music, which caused a large number of criticisms and comments towards the same magazine and the artist himself.

From the beginning of his show, the singer was euphoric and dedicated before the more than 3 thousand people who packed the stage. However, it was almost at the end of his presentation that the Mexican decided to send a harsh message in response to what has been said about him in recent weeks.

To the media and the press, keep talking. Keep talking motherfuckers. Because, you know something? All your comments and opinions make me sick…”



Featherweight returns

Prior to his controversial closing message, the singer took the time to dedicate a series of words to his fans, whom he called the reason to continue making music: “Each of us (pointing to his musicians) continue making music for everyone.” you. And as long as I am alive, my team and I will continue to triumph at every stage, no matter what.”

After the declaration of Featherweight, The people gave a great applause that motivated the singer to finally shout: “Long live the corridos.” After this message, the Mexican closed his show with one of the most important songs today: “Lady Gaga.”


It is worth mentioning that after its presentation on March 13, Featherweight became a trend again when appearing on the Canadian singer Drake’s show on the night of March 14. During said presentation, the singer hugged the Mexican, who was in the special guests area, and then mentioned a series of rude words and incited the Mexican to do the same.

Similarly, and recently, the Mexican was “applauded” due to an action he carried out with a fan. Thanks to the variety of videos that went viral in a few hours, you can see Featherweight appear alongside a fan, who reveals that he lined up for hours to see his show on March 13. Given this, the Mexican reacts with great astonishment in addition to mentioning that from now on, in any concert he wishes to enter, he will have guaranteed entry.

After breaking up with his ex-partner, Nicki Nicolea little over a month ago, as well as canceling his tour through Latin America and his presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival, Featherweight was linked to various news stories about a possible addiction relapse. Despite this, and thanks to the latest images, it seems that the Mexican is ready for his next projects such as his tour.Exodus” in various cities in the United States in addition to the launch of his new album.

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