VIDEO: Carlos Rivera is criticized for allegedly trying to copy Chayanne’s dance style – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Carlos Rivera is criticized for allegedly trying to copy Chayanne’s dance style – El Diario NY

The singer Carlos Rivera became the object of a large number of comments, criticisms and observations following a variety of videos that “captured” his most recent presentation in the city of Madrid, Spainas part of his “A Tour Everywhere” tour.

In these videos, viralized on social networks, you can see the Mexican singing and dancing his song “Somebody Waits for Me.” However, the real controversy arose, according to a large number of users, due to his peculiar way of dancing that left more concerns than praise for the artist.

And according to what dozens of people have commented, the “Te Esperaba” performer showed how little talent he has for dancing due to the “clumsiness” he showed in his presentation.

Carlos Rivera is not Chayanne

In addition to the previous comments, other users pointed out that the singer needs a new choreographer in addition to looking un”manly” with his “limited steps.” In addition to all of the above, another large group of people did not stop showing their discontent towards Rivera pointing out that the Mexican tried to imitate the dance style of Chayanneone of the Latin artists most loved by people thanks to his charisma and talent in dance and music.

Chayanne participating in a program.

If all of the above were not enough, Carlos RiverHe was also severely criticized for the clothes he wore in the show, black pants and a shirt speckled with transparencies, because, according to various users, it made him look like a “cheap copy” of Harry Styles or of the same John Gabriel.

Carlos Rivera’s fans defend the artist

After the wide variety of criticisms leveled at the singer, fans and followers of the Mexican made themselves known by issuing a variety of comments in which they highlighted his quality as a singer and as a dancer. Likewise, other people showed their anger against the “haters” of Carlos Rivera when mentioning “the absurdity” of pointing out the Mexican for something so simple.

Carlos Rivera participating in a show.
Carlos Rivera debuted as a dad in 2023 alongside Cynthia Rodríguez.
Credit: Mezcalo

Despite comments in favor of Riveraother people could not point out the bad steps of their favorite singer but praised his vocal talent: “I like him too much, he fascinates me… but he shouldn’t dance like that, there are very effeminate steps and then people make fun of him and don’t like that he They are laughing at him and telling him things.”

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez They became parents to baby León in August of last year. A few weeks after his birth, the couple decided to show their first child together on social networks despite people’s rejection of showing little León’s face.

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