What happened to Pablo Lyle?  Mane de la Parra reveals how the actor is feeling

What happened to Pablo Lyle? Mane de la Parra reveals how the actor is feeling

On February 3, Paul Lyle was sentenced for a Miami Court to 5 years in prison for him involuntary manslaughter of the Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernandez after hitting him he March 31, 2019, and then fulfill another 8 years on probation and 500 hours of community work.

The actor has since served his sentence in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Facility, located in Miami, Florida.

This 2024, the artist will serve his first official year of sentence and it is because of the above, that his friend Mane de la Parra talked about how are you he protagonist of “Mirreyes vs Godinez”.

What did Mane de la Parra say about Pablo Lyle?

In interview for Eden Dorantes, Mane de la Parra revealed that since he was sentenced they have had communication, ensuring that he is well and even motivated that the process ends soon so he can be with his family.

“Yes, we have had communication… He is okay; He is very motivated, very affectionate, very him. Hoping that this process ends soon for him and can be in full force to be there are your familyto be well.

“With the things we have talked about I find him fine, calm. And, well, I hope he will be with us soon,” the actor announced.

About his return to acting, Mane said that at the moment they have not talked about that issue, so It is unknown whether Lyle will resume his professional career after finishing his sentence.

“The truth is that We haven’t talked about it, I don’t have the slightest idea. Rather our conversations are more like friends ‘How are you?’, ‘How is life going?’

“But I’m sure that everything you set your mind to will be achieved, because He is an incredible person, They fight, hard-working and always bring out the good in everything and this is not going to be the exception, he concluded.

How much time does Pablo Lyle have left in prison?

will be next February 3rd when Pablo Lyle fulfill his first official year of sentence, hence he would have another 4 years left more in order to comply with the 5 years that the judge gave him.

However, it is worth reiterating that He would have another 8 years left on parole and although it has been several years, the reality is that it was a favorable ruling for the Mexican, because the lawyers of the Prosecutor’s Office had requested in this case the maximum penalty, 15 years in prison.

At the time, The judge who handled his case acknowledged that It had been the most difficult case of his career and that, when imposing the sentence, it took into account mitigating factors under state law.

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“Mr. Lyle, how are you going to resolve conflicts in the future? I don’t think it will ever be the same way you acted that day,” the judge reiterated to Pablo, who will also have to take conflict resolution and anger management classes.

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