What is the US Government GSA Public Car Auction?

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Although you may not have heard of this type of auction before, GSA auctions have been around for a while and are a good place to get a great deal on a vehicle.

What is a GSA auction?

In a nutshell, GSA stands for General Services Administration.

It is an agency of the United States government that, according to acting director David Bibbs, 鈥渉elps other agencies in the country to better serve the public by meeting their needs for products and services, and helping to simplify access to information and services.鈥

One of the services they provide is car auctions.

Why does GSA sell vehicles?

GSA buys vehicles in bulk, that is, it buys groups of vehicles at a time and then leases them to different government agencies. When the lease expires, these vehicles are sold to the general public at GSA auctions, allowing GSA to recoup some of its expenses and reinvest in the purchase of more vehicles.

Benefits of buying a vehicle at a GSA auction:

1.- Vehicles made in the United States: trucks, cars, SUVs, police cars, buses and many other types (approximately 40,000 vehicles to choose from per year)

2.- Vehicles are generally well maintained by the US government. These are not specialized or repossessed vehicles.

3.- Vehicles generally have low mileage

4.- The vehicles are generally between 3 and 5 years old

5.- Vehicles are generally sold at or around wholesale prices with no additional charges to the buyer.

6.-No Registration Fee A government auction generally does not require a registration fee. This means you鈥檙e saving money before the GSA auto auction even begins.

7.- Vehicle history reports, it is smart to know a car before buying it. Most vehicles at a government auction have a vehicle history report available so you can make sure you鈥檙e not getting a lemon.

All in all, if you鈥檙e looking for a great used vehicle at a great price, check out GSA Public Auctions.


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