Why did you leave the elite if you accumulated a good number of minutes? Héctor Herrera reveals the reasons why he signed with the Houston Dynamo

Héctor Herrera, a key player in the rebirth of Atlético de Madrid this season.

Héctor Herrera, a key player in the rebirth of Atlético de Madrid this season.

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Héctor Herrera has five consecutive games as a starter at Atlético, where he has also received a standing ovation from the fans due to his good performance, The decision to leave the mattress team has been made and the Mexican midfielder explained his reasons.

His decision, questioned by many fans, since he would reach the World Cup playing in a lower league, had no logical explanation for many, and, in that sense, The Mexican decided to explain in an interview granted to TUDN what led him to sign for the Houston Dynamo.

Herrera emphasized that his decision was mainly motivated by his familysince for him, it was time to think about his future, but also about his family.

Despite his recent continuity in the group led by Cholo simeone, ‘HH’ didn’t hide his frustration at not getting enough chances in the past. then having become an immovable in Porto, where he also became the captain of his team.

Despite the few opportunities he received previously, he commented that he is always prepared to take advantage of the minutes they give him and that, above all things, always respect the coach’s technical decisions.

“I am happy with what I am doing, I always work 100% for when the coach decides, be prepared. I have always been up to the team, If he didn’t give me more of an opportunity than I deserved, those are his decisions and I respect them.

In this sense, Herrera will have the opportunity to once again become immovable in his new team in the MLS, in a league with less physical demand and where he will also be able to further secure his economic future. since he will be one of the highest paid players in the league.

Despite the importance of his words, users took the interview with a certain humor since You can see how the Mexican soccer player tries to imitate the Spanish accent.

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