William Levy EXPLOITS against those who accuse him of attacking Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her children

William Levy EXPLOITS against those who accuse him of attacking Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her children



In the midst of the scandal where the actor is pointed out William Levy if there is physically attacked to his daughter and even having entered the house of Elizabeth Gutierrez with a firearm, the Cuban has decided to break the silence and through his account instagramthe soap opera heartthrob has decided break the silence and explodes against those who have let him be seen as an aggressor and to encourage gender violence.

Once again, the personal life of interpreter The 43-year-old has overshadowed his fame and talent after it became known that he and the mother of his children have decided to permanently end their relationship. marriage of 21 years, this because of a new infidelity William Levy with his co-star, Samadhi Zendejas, who has also fueled the rumors by sharing the good chemistry that both celebrities have had in the recordings of the ‘Come back to me’ project.

But recently it became known that the poor relationship of the Cuban and the driver of American nationality has scandalized at a level that no one imagined, because through the social networks A series of audios were leaked in which the actor speaks with the policesince it is said that the officers went to his Florida residence for alleged disturbances and possibly even committing violence against his daughter and threatening the woman with a weapon. actress.

Photo: IG / christopherlevy

What is a fact is that you have gone through the social networks A large number of attacks have begun to circulate against the soap opera heartthrob for having violated the mother of his children and even for having been unfaithful to her, since on behalf of Elizabeth Gutierrezhas confirmed through the medium HELLO USA, that a couple of months ago they decided finish de definitively, but things have gotten out of control.

William Levy stands up to social networks

Given so much hate he has faced William Levy through digital platforms, actor has decided to break the silence and share a InstaStorie with his almost 12 million followers of the famous platform of images in which he confronts the accusations and assures that they have a lot to say, which implies that behind this new image of aggressor, there is a version that is not yet counted.

It is important to mention that so far the presenter has not Elizabeth Gutierrez Much less have their children expressed themselves regarding these signs and the scandal of gender violence in which his family has been involved.


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