Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 falls in love with fans with new figure

Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 falls in love with fans with new figure

Since the incredible facelift that the Resident Evil 4 For new generations, the large fan base has praised the super attractive design of Ada Wong and it is precisely this attractive design that has meant that its popularity does not remain stagnant only in the video games of this franchise. Well now the beautiful lady has stopped playing games. Capcom to reach our world, and this time he does so with a new and spectacular figure.

Ada Wong returns to our world thanks to an incredible new figure. Delight in her beauty!

Resident-Evil-Ada-WongResident-Evil-Ada-Wong Resident-Evil-Ada-WongResident-Evil-Ada-Wong

The incredible figure shows us a Ada Wong in one of his classic ranged combat poses, and the details of his clothing are not just aesthetic, because we do pay attention to the details. We can see that her dress on this occasion is not the same one that she shows us in the games, but that it is now much longer and with gold details on the left side. The color red is no longer a dark color like her suit in the games, but now it is a much more striking tone and without a doubt it is what attracts the most attention.

Something that is quite striking is that this dress is not directly part of the character in the figure of Ada Wong, but this same one is made of fabric that has been made to measure for your body. Therefore, this dress has greater preparation in terms of how complex it often turns out to be to make this type of clothing for the figures. Without a doubt, this garment draws a lot of attention from fans as it is even a garment that can be removed, although it is not the only garment that is removable from this figure.

Without a doubt, the figure of the strong and beautiful Ada Wong She quite dazzles all those who meet her for the first time, and precisely in this figure we can see her with a courageous attitude and quite strong impetus, her cold look and her way of holding the weapon she carries with her shows us that this woman does not care. fears danger. The figure shows us quite good detail in both Ada Wong and the logo of Umbrella Corpsin addition to the detail that below it we can see what would be the detail of a zombie being crushed by her.

Resident-Evil-Ada-WongResident-Evil-Ada-Wong Resident-Evil-Ada-WongResident-Evil-Ada-Wong

The figure will have a 1/4 scale, with an approximate height of 26 cm to 35 cm, the pre-sale price varies depending on whether you pay in full or only a part, if you pay in full its price would be $309.00 dollars. While if you pay the price to reserve it it would be $103.00 dollars, so if you are a fan of resident Evil and above all, you are a mega fan of Ada Wong, this is your opportunity to get a pretty incredible figure of her. Keep in mind that the figure has a release date for June of this year 2024.

You still have more than enough time to make a space in your collection to show it off and make it the sensation of your entire collection, not to mention that the figure has a real fabric suit, we are sure that your collection will be the most envied by many if you acquire this figure. Although it should also be mentioned, it is not necessary or mandatory that you be a fan of resident Evil or of Ada Wong so that you buy this figure, since many collectors sometimes buy these figures, since they liked the character.

Resident Evil-4-Remake-Ada-Wong-3Resident Evil-4-Remake-Ada-Wong-3


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