Adamari López tells the story behind her change of look – El Diario NY

Adamari López tells the story behind her change of look – El Diario NY

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Adamari Lopeztelevision presenter, told on her Facebook account the reason why she changed her hair color, which now looks blonde.

In the video she shared, the ‘Chaparrita de Oro’, as she is also known, gave details of what happened to her image, which she decided to renew in this way.

“Hello, hello, my beautiful people, here I am, trying to get ready a little because I’m going out, but I love how my hair turned out. You know that my hair color was a little darker, so it occurred to me to go put a little hydration on my hair and the person who was helping me said ‘do you want me to dye your hair blonder?’ give me a chance”, said.

Adamari López’s story about her change of look

After this, the Puerto Rican commented that she has always liked this color, but the person who assisted her that day was not the one with whom she always makes those changes.

“My colorist didn’t want to bother him to hydrate his hair, so I thought about it because I said, am I going to piss off my colorist?” he said.

She explained that because of this doubt she decided to say no, but the stylist asked her for the opportunity, since he indicated that he saw her with blonde hair.

Once the offer was accepted, Adamari López went through this process and felt that it was a good choice.

The host of ‘Who Will Fall?’ She said that she has felt very comfortable with this color because it was not something she was used to, and she has also made some waves that she feels have brought light to her face.

In the statement, the famous woman explained that she has been taking great care of her hair, just as she does with her image.

One of the things he does is he goes up to three days without washing his hair so that it stays hydrated.

In the audiovisual material he confessed that he uses some extensions to give more volume, but in reality he is really enjoying that color.

“When I put on makeup, my eyes stand out a lot with my blonde hair,” she added in the statement.

In the comments, many people considered that this color is quite favorable and that is why they flattered her with comments such as: “Don’t change that look, it is very pretty”, “I loved that color, you look very pretty and young”, “I love it, “You look beautiful.”

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