Adrián Camacho, the only two-time champion in the history of Cruz Azul and América – La Opinion

Adrián Camacho, the only two-time champion in the history of Cruz Azul and América – La Opinion

Many stories have been written in more than 50 years of this rivalry between Cruz Azul vs América that broke out to remain definitively in the annals of Mexican soccer and within all these feats that stand out are that of Adrián Camacho, a fine striker who in more than five decades of confrontations Between both teams, he is the only player who can boast a two-time championship with both teams.

On the one hand, with Cruz Azul, Adrián achieved it in the 1978-79 seasons against the UNAM Pumas, where the cement team won with a global score of 2-0 with goals from Carlos Jara Saguier and Horacio López Salgado, later that in the first leg at CU they had tied without goals.

In that final, Adrián Camacho only played seven minutes in both games, especially because the starters in the cement attack were Rodolfo Montoya, Horacio López Salgado and the Argentine José Luis Ceballos.

A year later Camacho achieved the two-time championship with Cruz Azul by beating the Tigres de la UANL 4-3 on aggregate, where precisely the fine light blue striker was present with a goal in the 3-3 draw in the final game in the Azteca Stadium and where the Tigres were left lying on the field, due to the away goal scored by Rodolfo Montoya in the first leg.

In that final, Adrián Camacho saw action for 66 minutes against the felines, scoring his goal in the 4th minute to open the scoring that later Rodolfo Montoya with two goals would increase to a 3-0 that seemed lethal, but that the UANL erased in the second half to reach a heroic 3-3 that in the end was not enough to snatch the two-time championship from the celestials.

With America he repeated history

Adrián Camacho repeated the history of being crowned two-time champion with América seven years later when in the 1987-88 season they defeated the UNAM Pumas with an overall score of 4-2, after the cats won 1-1 in the first leg. 0 with a goal from Luis Flores.

The former Cruz Azulino played 102 minutes and contributed with a goal in the second leg when the Americanists won 4-1. In the first game he played 45 minutes and in the second game he played 57 minutes.

Sweet revenge against Cruz Azul

While in the 1988-89 season, fate allowed Adrián Camacho to take revenge for the low blow that Cruz Azul gave him in the 1986-87 season when the cement board headed by Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas thanked him for not entering into plans with coach Héctor Pulido.

In that final against Cruz Azul he could only play for 45 minutes in the first leg when América won 2-3 with goals from Luis Roberto Álves, Carlos Hermosillo and Antonio Carlos Santos, but with the simple fact of participating for a few minutes the bill had been collected by Adrián to become the only player in the history of the young classic to obtain two two-time championships.

The eight champions

Within the history of more than 30 players who have become champions with Cruz Azul and América, only eight have been able to be crowned with both teams.

The list includes Amado ‘Tarzán’ Palacios, Carlos Hermosillo, Horacio López Salgado, Javier Sánchez Galindo, Césareo Victorino, Miguel Ángel ‘Confesor’ Cornero, Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez and Adrián Camacho, who have been able to taste the honeys of success in both organizations .

More than 30 players have played for both teams

On the other hand, throughout the history of Mexican soccer we have that more than 30 players have worn both shirts in a rivalry that began to have its peak from the 1971-72 season, when Cruz Azul beat América 4- 1 at the Azteca Stadium to the astonishment of everyone with the appearance of the powerful Celeste Machine, which would win a three-time consecutive championship.

The list

1.-Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez

2.-José ‘Shaggy’ Martínez

3.-Carlos Hermosillo

4.-Christian ‘Chaco’ Giménez

5.-Francisco Javier ‘Maza’ Rodríguez

6.-Vicente Matías Vuoso

7.-Pablo Aguilar

8.-Adrián Chávez

9.-Adrián Aldrete

10.-Césaro Victorino

11.-Richard Núñez

12.-Miguel Ángel ‘Confesor’ Cornero

13.-Luis ‘Matador’ Hernández

14.-Pedro Pineda

15.-Javier Sánchez ‘Strong Leg’ Galindo

16.-Sebastián ‘Loco’ Abreu

17.-Edoardo Isella

18.-Adrián Camacho

19.-Ruben Omar Romano

20.-Horacio López Salgado

21.-Martín Zúñiga

22.-Nicolas Ramírez

23.-Beloved ‘Tarzan’ Palacios

24.-Carlos Silvio Fógel

25.-José Madueña

26.-Héctor Tapia

27.-Agustín Manzo

28.-Alberto Macías

29.-Sergio ‘Tanque’ Ceballos

30.-Arturo Álvarez

31.-Francisco Ulibarri

32.-Alfonso Blanco Antúnez

33.-Raúl ‘Acapulco’ Herrera

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 22 at 9.54.32 PM 2
The Cruz Azul of the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons was the first two-time championship for Adrián Camacho, who appears here as the third from left to right, between Rodolfo Montoya and Ignacio Flores. Photo: Courtesy

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