Alexis Vega directs his gaze to Europe: the suitors of the Mexican after the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Alexis Vega directs his gaze to Europe: the suitors of the Mexican after the World Cup in Qatar 2022

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Seems like it鈥檚 a matter of time before Alexis Vega leaves Chivas de Guadalajara. The Mexican is one of the most important players in Liga MX and uses the Dorsal number 10 of the Mexican National Team that will play the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Despite the fact that El Tri is not having a good participation in the World Cup, the little that Vega has shown has been enough to attract attention in Europe.

The young footballer from El Tri has shown some flashes of his talent with Mexico. The Qatar World Cup is the perfect setting to show off. In the event that Vega can lead the Mexican National Team in search of a pass to the next phase, interest in the Aztec would increase. But there would already be formal approaches with the player.

He needs to leave the Mexican league. It is complete to compete in any league, it lacks that challenge. There are already talks with teams, they do not materialize. They still haven鈥檛 materialized, but hopefully first I have the opportunity to fulfill that dream of going to Europe鈥, stated Ernesto Vega, father of the Chivas de Guadalajara player in an interview with ESPN.

The teams interested in Alexis Vega

According to information from Soccer Total MX there is a good group of teams behind the Aztec. The report states that from the Netherlands and Spain would be on the trail of the Mexican. Real Betis, Sevilla and PSV Eindhoven would have the intention of contacting Alexis Vega. On the other hand, the possibility that the Liga MX player arrives at Wolverhampton in England.

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