American Visa 2024: This is the BEST language in which experts recommend doing the interview

American Visa 2024: This is the BEST language in which experts recommend doing the interview


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Without a doubt, the process of American visa It is one of the longest and most tedious that a person can face; However, experts assure that it is important to be very well prepared for the much feared interviewand according to their recommendations, this is the perfect language to carry it out so that you can leave with the procedure completely approved and here we tell you what it is.

It is worth mentioning that this document is of vital importance if one seeks to enter the north american nationWell, with this one, the immigration authorities They have control of the people who enter and the time they are within their borders, so below we will tell you one of the great curiosities that applicants have insofar as language in which they must make the request for this document.

What is a fact is that this document is requested directly with the consular officers of the USA, who do an exhaustive investigation to see the reasons why they seek to enter your territory, but be careful, since it is important to always tell the truth, and there are some people who, even if you don’t have bad feelings, intentions of staying longer than necessary in this countrythey do not make the request for fear of language barrierbut this is what you have to know.

Is the American Visa interview better in English or Spanish?

As is already public knowledge, the english is the language that predominates in the territory of the USAand reasons why applicants do not know in what language they should communicate with the authorities, Because many of them do not have a good command of this language and do not know if it will become an inconvenience while they go through the application process. American visa for the tumor of which it is rejected.

It is important to mention that for this reason, the experts have decided to share that for this topic you can be the most calm, because for your peace of mind the consular officers that they interview you in the United States Embassy in Mexico or any territory of Latin America they know how to talk so much English as Spanishso this is not one of the requirements or reasons why you may be denied the process.

Be careful, it is important to mention that just like your answers, and the worst thing you can do is reach improvise the domain of English language, because many times the officers come to take it as a offense, and it is better not to risk it and speak in Spanish preferably, they will understand you perfectly throughout the process.


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