Angélica Vale: 6 PHOTOS of her physical TRANSFORMATION after losing more than 20 kilos

Angélica Vale: 6 PHOTOS of her physical TRANSFORMATION after losing more than 20 kilos


Angelica Vale She has established herself as an international star thanks to her talent, beauty, and extensive career. Since she was little and appeared with her mother (the legendary Angélica María), it was clear that “La Vale” was born for the stage. But of course, within all her glory and success that have earned her endless applause, there are also various shadows in her life that have caused her anguish, including self-esteem problems and overweight.

However, at 48 years old, Angelica Vale She looks more beautiful and spectacular, and the international celebrity has shown that with effort, discipline and a healthy lifestyle anything is possible. So much so that in less than a year, the actress of successful soap operas such as Amigas y Rivales and La fea más bella has had a great physical transformation when losing more than 20 kilograms and look at your best.

The physical transformation dand Angelica Vale It’s so surprising after lose 20 kilograms of weight who even seems like a completely different person on their official digital platforms like Instagram. In just a few months you can see how with a healthy lifestyle, the celebrity of ‘Mujeres Asesinas’, ‘Lazos de Amor’ and ‘Tomorrow will be another day’ has transformed her body.

Angélica Vale and her constant fight against being overweight

Under the public lens, Angelica Vale has not been spared from the harsh criticism of your bodymost of them based on unreal beauty standards for Latin women; but very marked in the global artistic environment. In general, although the Mexican woman had an average weight and height in her youth, media pressure forced her to seek much more marked thinness at various stages of her life, which caused her serious health problems. .

Fortunately, “La Vale” has prevailed with character in the face of criticism, and although in the past she faced sudden changes in size encouraged by motherhood, routine, and work; Today he has silenced the mouths of more than one of his haters looking spectacular, and evidencing a weightloss of 20 kilos during the last months.

Angélica Vale’s weight loss and her transformation in photos

The actress’s staunchest fans were close witnesses of how she began to look much slimmer, fuller, and happier in photos recent. However, the biggest surprise occurred during the most recent installment of Lo Nuestro Awardswhere Angélica showed off an enviable silhouette dressed in a fabulous dress in red and silver tones.

For anyone who finds this image of Angélica new, she herself has explained to various media outlets that her new figure is due to the fact that she finally found a doctor who discovered the main cause of her previous and sudden changes in weight: the problems hormonal.

Without a doubt, many women will be able to identify with Angelica Vale: Their dreams, their successes, and even their frustrations have been the subject of public opinion too often. But of course, she, indirectly, teaches through her image and her work that all change is possible with the right attitude. For now, the interpreter of the beloved Leticia Padilla in The Most Beautiful Ugly succeeds with its own program in The Vale Showwhere he continues to garner fans and guests of great presence.

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