Camera captures the moment in which Landy Párraga, former candidate for Miss Ecuador, is murdered

Camera captures the moment in which Landy Párraga, former candidate for Miss Ecuador, is murdered


An unfortunate news is shocking throughout Latin America after it was announced that Landy Parragawho was a former candidate for miss Ecuadorwas murdered last Sunday afternoon, April 28, while he was eating in a restaurant in the City of Quevedo, province of Los Ríos, in his country of origin and the tragic events were captured by cameras.

The also model He lost his life at the age of 23 and the exact moment was captured while she was inside the restaurant when she was standing next to the table talking to a man who is presumed to be her boyfriend, José Luis Betancourt, who is a surgeon.

While the young woman was with her partner, two armed men shot him and she tried to protect herself while crouching, but this was not enough, because one of the murderers approached her and shot her directly to end her life.


Given the unfortunate event, the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office announced that they were already at the scene of the events to carry out the pertinent investigations: “They are proceeding with the removal of the body of citizen Landy P. in a commercial premises in Quevedo, where she was the victim of an armed attack. In addition, he ordered the first steps to determine responsibilities.”

Likewise, before the unfortunate events occurred, the Ecuadorian had been active on her Instagram account where she published a last photograph where he showed what he was eating, as there were two plates and a glass, where you can see the logo of the restaurant called “La Cevichería.”

Landy Párraga was associated with organized crime

Párraga had been mentioned in a text conversation that the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office published last December 2023, for the case called ‘Metastasis‘ in which they were investigating an organized crime group, where the drug dealer murdered Leandro Moreno was talking to his manager, Helive Angulo, about the model, who had been mentioned for money laundering.

Therefore, Moreno did not want to be linked to the model and according to the prosecution, he would have even offered money so that he would not be linked to her, although Landy never spoke out about her alleged connection with the drug trafficker or about this case and was never linked. by the authorities.

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