Ariadna Gutiérrez and Maripily Rivera denounce alleged mistreatment by Lupillo Rivera in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

Ariadna Gutiérrez and Maripily Rivera denounce alleged mistreatment by Lupillo Rivera in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

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Maripily Rivera and Ariadna Gutiérrez reported this Sunday on ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ that they have suffered psychological abuse from Lupillo Rivera.

The moment was quite critical, since they were in the positions and after the Colombian and the Puerto Rican spoke about their reconciliation, they said that they needed a lot of strength to continue these weeks due to the irregularities that they claim have occurred within the competition that the network broadcasts. Telemundo television.

“Ariadna, I am very happy that we set the example of what forgiveness is at home, there are four weeks left and in these four or five weeks that remain this is a challenge that we decided to do, but outside we are all going to meet again. It is good that that public that also fights outside and has the same fights in these dysfunctional families does the same thing that we are teaching them,” he said.

After this, the Puerto Rican woman raised her voice and made a call: “Even so, I join you in not mistreating women, not mistreating women both emotionally and verbally, which is what Lupillo is doing here with her strategies.” false that today they plan to be behind me with their falsehood.”

Maripily Rivera added in her speech: “No to psychological abuse, I wish that Father God gives you a lot of strength to finish this challenge, above all that you can overcome what Lupillo has done to you because for being a person who believes that you are an object and that you belong to him and everything the damage and defamation that has been done to you in the house with everyone who lives in the house. “So I support you, I don’t mistreat women, so I hope all those women support us and get this guy out.”

The Colombian model responded to her partner, to whom she commented that it had been one of the greatest lessons within the program. “A couple of weeks ago we had the strongest positions and discussions that I have ever had in my life, but you gave me that strength to also ask for forgiveness and forgive each other.”

He considered that the Puerto Rican is a lesson in play, loyalty and forgiveness.

Nacho Lozano, after this moment, said that ‘La Jefa’ has not detected any acts of gender violence, which aroused the annoyance of Ariadna and Maripily, who said that there have been situations that were not good.

For this reason, the presenter invited them to go to the confessional and tell what happened, without specifying whether this could bring future sanctions for the regional Mexican music singer.

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