Arturo Brizio puts his finger on the sore spot: “VAR is a joke in Liga MX” – La Opinion

Arturo Brizio puts his finger on the sore spot: “VAR is a joke in Liga MX” – La Opinion

For the former president of the Referee Commission and former World Cup player in the United States 1994 and France 1998, Arturo Brizio Carter, the abuse of the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Mexican soccer has turned that mechanism into a real “pachanga”” and for that reason its efficiency is so questioned.

Interviewed by The opinionthe former referee leader highlighted that: “Of course, the VAR has served to dispense justice in Liga MX matches, But the bad thing is that its use has been abused in Mexico,” he said.

Brizio gave as an example what happened in the last World Cup in Qatar 2022, in which its use did not even reach 10 percent.“simply because it was used for plays where the referee did not really have a certain opinion about a play, so this mechanism was used, but it is very different from what happens in Mexican soccer,” he said.

So in Liga MX has it worked?

Of course it has worked, it has made the games and the results fairer. But I insist, the bad thing is that its use has been abused.

Has the VAR diminished the authority of the referees?

On the contrary, it has helped them, but its abuse has made them wild cards. They do not want to compromise and when faced with doubt and pressure from the teams, they prefer to go to the VAR.

Why in Mexican soccer do their decisions generate a lot of controversy instead of making refereeing work easier?

Because of the pressure generated by the teams and the media. Suddenly you hear people say on television broadcasts that this play is doubtful. It is necessary to review what the referees do, they simply get out of trouble and leave everything to the VAR.

How to optimize its use and reduce controversy?

The controversy will always exist. For some it will always remain as an erroneous marking if it is against them and for those who favor it, quite the opposite.

I insist, Mr. Brizio, is the VAR efficient or not?

Yes, it is, but in a gradual way. We cannot exaggerate because that turns into a party, into a party and everything degenerates.

Arbitration crisis

Regarding the versions that Mexican arbitration is in a severe crisis, Brizio gave his point of view: “I have been hearing that since 1971, when my father was still a professional referee. There is always talk of a crisis, that there is no longer talent in refereeing, but the reality is that Mexican whistlers are highly valued internationally,” he noted.

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Arturo Brizio, former president of the Refereeing Commission, gave his analysis of the moment that the whistlers are experiencing and the abuse that has been done to the VAR. Photo: Eloisa Sánchez/Imago7

He explained that: “We see referees like César Ramos, Adoni Escobeo, Marco Ortiz and Fernando Guerrero, among many more who know how to do their job, however the pressure from the teams, of the media, will always make their work surrounded by controversy. I mean, when have you seen a whistler congratulated for his work?

Finally, he refrained from analyzing the management of his predecessor on the Arbitration Commission, Armando Archundia, stating that: “I have always tried to maintain a line and I do not think it contributes anything to question or highlight Armando’s work,” he concluded.

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