Bárbara Bermudo sends a message to her followers: “We feel that sometimes life does not make sense” – El Diario NY

Bárbara Bermudo sends a message to her followers: “We feel that sometimes life does not make sense” – El Diario NY


Bárbara Bermudo has been a public figure for many years, being recognized for her work in the world of entertainment and communication. However, in this moment of vulnerability, she has shown herself to be a strong woman determined to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

“I want to ask you how many times you have cried. Many, right? And maybe in silence, in a place where no one sees you. But I just want to tell you that God does see you. AND Many times we obviously go through difficult situations, vicissitudes, it makes us want to throw in the towel, to give up.. We feel tired, we feel sad and we feel that sometimes life does not make sense, but I want to remind you today that what is impossible for man, and for you, for me, is possible for God,” he expressed on Instagram.

I tell you from personal experience that you are not alone because in the moments when I think I don’t have the answer, HE gives it to me never before.never later, but always at the perfect moment,” was the moving message that accompanied the video uploaded to the application.

“Maybe you’ve been through a lot and asked yourself: Could it be that God forgot about me? So don’t give up, this message is for you.”he added.

Fans thank Bárbara Bermudo

The messages of support and admiration for Bermudo on social networks are an example of the unity and solidarity that can emerge in difficult times. His bravery in speaking out about his experience has resonated with many people who have faced similar situations, and his example has given them strength to move forward.

“What a beautiful message,” “I get this video today when I just cried, I miss my son who went to heaven”, “Thank you, my Barbara! How good your message has been for me. I hug you immensely”, “I needed those words, I am going through a lot of pain in my body.” and they can’t find what I have”, “Exactly when I heard that message I was crying, sometimes we put messages on the networks and we don’t even imagine how they can impact someone”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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