“Being eliminated from the World Cup I think is worse than losing a family member”: Richarlison’s controversial statement

“Being eliminated from the World Cup I think is worse than losing a family member”: Richarlison’s controversial statement

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The elimination of Brazil in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 It continues to affect some Brazilian fans and players, but, without a doubt, the one who seems most affected is richarlisonsince this sunday He stated that being left out of the tournament is something more painful than losing a family member.

After Tottenham’s defeat against Arsenal in the Premier League, the player who scored the most beautiful goal of the past World Cup, took time to remember how difficult it was to have to return home from the most beautiful match of national team football.

I think it’s worse than losing someone in your family, very difficult. In my social networks I still express my sadness a little, but we have to keep going, working on my team so that things flow positively”, stated the Verdeamarela striker.

After the statement circulated on social media, the Tottenham striker was the target of numerous attacks by the Brazilian fans themselveswho considered that his sayings were unfortunate, since they dedicated phrases like “perfect abnormal”, “money did a lot of damage to this man’s brain”, “he is really delusional”, “nonsense comparison”, “what nonsense” and “losing a family member is much worse”to mention a few.

It is worth remembering that, after falling on penalties against Croatia, the gunner was one of the most affected by the defeat, to the extent that he declared that he wanted to go where he could be alone to be able to cry without anyone seeing him.

Now I have to go to my room to cry. It makes me want to go somewhere and never come back. I am a player, but I am a fan on the field. So this is a difficult time. Now we have to go home. Unfortunately, the cup did not arrive. We set high expectations, but unfortunately we failed. I would like to apologize to everyone who supported us“He said the same day of the elimination.

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