Carmen Villalobos opted for a radical change of look made by her and the result surprised her followers

Carmen Villalobos opted for a radical change of look made by her and the result surprised her followers

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The actress Carmen Villalobos has a wide artistic career and, it is that It was in 1999 when he started working at Caracol TelevisiónSince then we have seen her with any type of look. However, this time he wanted to change to highlight that soon they will celebrate the Christmas holidays, and many are looking for some transformations.

In turn, he shared an audiovisual where he explained in detail the process that must be followed to be able to dye his hair, since apparently he would have done it without the help of a professional, although following each of the instructions indicated on the box.

“The promised is debt and definitely Starting the color for us to fill our parties with color is a priority. I want to share my experience to show off WOW hair and a change that looks on the outside and feels refreshing on the inside. Palette was my accomplice, since it motivates us to be the first to fill ourselves with color this Christmas. Start with us so that you are also motivated”, were the words that accompanied the great change.

In turn, the comments in the publication did not wait, because the vast majority of its users of the camera’s social network have been quite satisfied with the change that the television presenter also decided to undergo recently.

However, as is customary, the opinions that were registered were divided because some Internet users expressed their discontent because they considered that they did not like the result that it generated very much.

“It’s cheating, everything looks beautiful on her”, “Beauty, all the changes you make look wonderful on you”, “This woman looks beautiful with everything”, “It looked divine on you”, “Whatever you do, everything looks divine on you”, “She is still playing the role of Catalina” , “Woman, everything you use or change looks great on you”, “I don’t like it very much for you, but you’re still beautiful”, “It turned out spectacular, Carmencita”, “It’s you without anything else”, “I can’t believe that After a year and a half, the copper color arrived”, “And as expected, you are going to look like a Goddess”, “Everything looks beautiful on you”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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