Charlize Theron has bought a house in Studio City – El Diario NY

Charlize Theron has bought a house in Studio City – El Diario NY


The actress Charlize Theron has invested $3.3 million dollars in a house located in Studio CityCalifornia, more specifically in the Colfax Meadows neighborhood.

This purchase was made a few months after a mansion in Hollywood Hills for saleCalifornia, which has belonged to him for two decades. Theron expects to receive $3.75 million for that property.

Specialized media such as ‘Robb Report’ have reported that The Hollywood Hills house was inhabited by the mother of the Oscar-winning actress. It is also presumed that the new Studio City residence has been purchased for Gerda Maritz, Theron’s mother, to move into.

At the moment there are no photos that show the home in detail, nor is it known which agent was in charge of the sale of the residence and whether Theron paid the list price or got a reduction.

This house It was originally built in 2016on a quarter-acre lot. Although the construction is recent, it is known that renovations were recently made to the place that keep it in good condition.

The main house It has an area of ​​3,300 square feet Distributed over two floors with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, hallway, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.

According to ‘Robb Repor’, inside the floors are made of wood, it has high ceilings, large windows, custom-made shelves, a fireplace, iron railings on the main staircase and many finishes also made with wood. On the other hand, the kitchen has white oak cabinets, marble countertops and is equipped with high-end appliances.

This new house is only a little smaller than the one in Hollywood Hillsso the exact reason why Mrs. Gerda Maritz would want to move is not known.

In addition to the main house there is a garage with capacity for two vehicles.

Outside there are green areas with terrace, pool, spa area, fire pit and enough space to share outdoors with family or friends.

At the moment it is also unknown if Theron considers the house to be habitable as it is or if she will invest money in a new renovation.

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