Chicago offers EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $6,300 per month

Chicago offers EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $6,300 per month


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For many years, the language barrier for work in the USA It was much larger than the border between the American Union and Mexico, since a large number of people saw the limitation in being able to find a job in this country, but now everything is different, because in Chicago A job vacancy opens for people who speak Spanish, and below we will tell you what the requirements are and how you can apply for it.

It is important to mention that this state of North American country It is considered by many to be the cradle of skyscrapers, which is why it has been the inspiration for thousands of films and even some writers who have been amazed by the city, and even if you don’t believe it, you chance to develop you professionally in this territory it could now be a reality.

And it is that through portalit was announced that in Cícero, Illinois they are looking for a person to cover the vacant of Bilingual Secretary/Receptionistso having a good command of the Spanish Language is one of the main requirements, below we are going to show you what the activities that you would be in charge of being one of those selected for this job that could leave a salary of up to 6,300 dollars a month.

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  • Make calls, send text messages and emails daily.
  • Identify any service customer interested in purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Cultivate enriching relationships to build a long-term clientele.
  • Schedule future client contacts/visits/meetings as needed.
  • Exhibit consultative selling skills.
  • Help customers select a vehicle by asking questions and listening carefully to their answers.
  • Conduct demonstrations of high quality new/used vehicles.
  • Learn to overcome objections and thrive in sales situations.

What do I need to work in Chicago for $6,300 a month?

According to the aforementioned portal, to be considered for this job offer in one of the most important states in the North American country, You do not need to have experience, since they offer training fully paid, plus you would have a working day from Monday to Friday, as well as very flexible schedules and its own office; This is the way you can apply for this job position.

It is recommended that you make a Curriculum vitae where you present your skills and experiences job above, which you must send to email: [email protected] to get an immediate response, and these are the benefits you would have if you were one of the people who gets the job in the Chicago State: competitive salary, attractive benefitsown office, continuous training.


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