Chiquinquirá Delgado opens her coat and shows off her statuesque figure at 50

Chiquinquirá Delgado opens her coat and shows off her statuesque figure at 50

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The Venezuelan Chiquinquirá Delgado last Friday shared a sexy and daring postcard on the camera’s social networkand it is that this is the way he uses to feel much closer to his fans, since he has more than five million followers of the platform.

The television host on this occasion decided to pick up her hair, while the green color ended up being the real protagonist in the photo that was posted on the platform. Furthermore, she made the determination to open her coat and showed a black top that made her show off the size of her voluptuous breasts and it is that the accessories were not lacking, because she used some rings that gave a delicate touch to the look she wore.

Many people call it luck, I rather believe in persevering, insisting, focusing and preparing!” Was the message that accompanied the publication posted on the camera’s social network.

Internet users gave themselves the opportunity to express what they thought about the latest content shared on the social network, along with several of them. In addition, some users of the camera’s social network assured that Delgado is right with the message she shared with her photo. At the same time, others focused on her beauty, since she is 50 years old and many expressed that she seems to be younger.

“Although you are right it is also good to say that God gave you the blessing of being so beautiful”, “Good, but it is also true that many dollars are needed to maintain oneself, whether it be for food, fruit, among others”, “Luck calls the mediocre”, “It doesn’t get old, it gets younger and always more beautiful”, “Very true, everything is in one”, “The most beautiful in all history”, “I love how it remains frozen in history”, “For me luck does not exist, that word is only used to justify any failure that has been had or failed”, “Chiqui’s face is as beautiful as her figure, that The green color looks beautiful”, “That’s right, always beautiful, hardworking and prepared”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the Instagram post.

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