Couple caught having sex in the Metro car – 24 Hours

Couple caught having sex in the Metro car – 24 Hours

A clip that captured a woman went viral on social media couple having sexual relations in it last carriage of the Collective Transportation System (STC) Meter; The incident would have occurred on Line A.

The last car of the different lines of the CDMX Metro has become, according to users, one of the scenarios/places most haunted by the LGBTQI + community to find love, but not that but at any time.

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The ideal time to enter the “Happy little box” as the last car is usually called, it is after 10 p.m. Perfect time for some to consensually give or receive some kind of sexual pleasure, whether from touching, touching, masturbation, oral sex, or even anal penetrations.

Adrenaline is one of the main factors that interfere in this scenario, since there is always the risk of being surprised by some authority in the transportation system or by another user, such as women or even families who bring their children with them.

Although of these, the last ones are not a problem, because at this point, many already know that the last Metro cars have been destined -unintentionally- for men who are looking for men and some kind of intimate encounter.

Just as it allegedly happened in the Purple Line car, which runs from Pantitlán to La Paz.

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In the 16-second clip that was recorded by a motorist, and that was spread through the TikTok account (@metro_viral 2.0), two men are seen, one in a black shirt who is leaning near the access door, and another in a yellow shirt who has his back to the other, while they allegedly have sexual relations. Inside the car you can’t see any more people on board.

Given the facts, the CDMX Metro authorities have not commented on the video that captured the couple having sex and carried out what has been demonized as cruising(which refers to a person looking for a sexual partner walking or driving through a public place, for a one-time encounter).


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