Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or awarded by Pelé in 2013 would have been sold for almost $1 million dollars

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or awarded by Pelé in 2013 would have been sold for almost $1 million dollars

Cristiano Ronaldo receiving the Ballon d'Or from Pelé in 2013.

Cristiano Ronaldo receiving the Ballon d’Or from Pelé in 2013.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the second player with the most Ballon d’Ors (5), only behind Lionel Messi (7). According to the British media ‘The Mirror’, the Portuguese star would have donated the award obtained in 2013 to a foundation and it was sold for more than $600,000 dollars.

According to the English tabloid, CR7 would have decided to donate the Ballon d’Or that Pelé gave him to the Make A Wish Foundation, who would later end up auctioning it for the aforementioned amount. This organization is responsible for supporting children with serious illnesses.

The prize was purchased by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer. What is known about this businessman is that he lives in England, is 62 years old and has amassed a great fortune thanks to his business in the world of oil and exports. He also owns a company dedicated to the production of chemicals and energy.

Apparently, Ofer has been linked to the world of soccer, since in the past he would have already taken over 32% of the shares of Atlético de Madrid and the Portuguese team FC Famalicao. His net worth is estimated at at least $9.7 billion.

So far there is no official confirmation about this supposed sale of the second Ballon d’Or for CR7. The Portuguese won this award in 2008 with Manchester United and subsequently on four other occasions with Real Madrid (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017).

That award was delivered at a gala by Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, and was in the midst of a strong controversy after an extension in the voting dates for the winner. Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed Lionel Messi and Frenchman Frank Ribery that year.

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