Dallas launches EMPLOYMENT for people without experience with a salary of $17 per hour |  REQUIREMENTS

Dallas launches EMPLOYMENT for people without experience with a salary of $17 per hour | REQUIREMENTS

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Do It Outdoors Multimedia offers employment for people with no experience who enjoy traveling and who want to have a employment on the road, for this it is requested that those interested in this work live near a national airport, since they will be requested to travel frequently to different parts of the country. The job offered is to work full-time days (8 hours) for 5 days a week.

The position offered is to work as a mobile billboard driver. This employee will be in charge of driving a truck with advertising attached to its exterior in order to carry out advertising campaigns. The employer leaves it to the employee’s discretion whether he wants to take the employment only when there are promotional campaigns in your city of origin or if you decide to travel to other parts of the country to participate in foreign campaigns.

It is a completely free decision for the worker to choose whether to take job opportunities only in their place of residence or if they wish to travel, which is why some drivers work more than others. In this case, some workers can make one-day trips or spend a whole month traveling or in a place other than your home. According to the employer this vacant It offers a relaxed work pace, but requires a committed and responsible person.

Requirements and benefits of this job vacancy

Employees must follow established routes to comply with the service required by the client, as additional benefits to the salary of 17 dollars per hour Transportation, accommodation and travel expenses are provided for each trip. In case this job interests you, we will share some with you. requirements What you must cover: The person interested in obtaining this job must be at least 23 years of age and have a valid and current driver’s license.

Have the ability to obtain and maintain a physical certification card from the Department of Transportation, pass a drug test, have a good work and driving history, be familiar with work equipment and handle text messages and emails well, have physical capacity To lift up to 40 pounds without help, try to have a good presentation.

It is also considered requirement Be sociable, know how to work as a team, be willing to take photographs while working so you can send evidence to the client, have experience driving large vehicles is preferred. In addition to the salary of 17 dollars per hour This job offers dental insurance, health insurance, paid time off, vision insurance, and referral program. If this vacancy interests you, register directly by clicking here.

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