Dani Alves’ lawyer maintains that the Brazilian is innocent and that “he is whole” after the sentence – La Opinion

Dani Alves’ lawyer maintains that the Brazilian is innocent and that “he is whole” after the sentence – La Opinion

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Dani Alves’ lawyer, Inés Guardiola, announced this Thursday that she will appeal the sentence that sentences her client to four and a half years in prison. for rape, with the aim of “defending innocence until the end.”

“I really still believe in the innocence of Mr. Alves, Mr. Alves is whole, I am going to go this afternoon to see him and explain the sentence to him.”; I have not yet been able to study the sentence but I can tell you that we are going to appeal,” the lawyer indicated.

In statements to the media before the Barcelona Palace of Justice after the notification, the lawyer stated that the footballer “is whole” after having known the result of the sentence, and has avoided going much deeper into the content of the writing until I can study it.

The court rejects Dani Alves’ drunkenness argument

The Barcelona Court has sentenced footballer Dani Alves to 4 and a half years in prison for raping a young woman in the bathroom of a booth at the Sutton nightclub. from Barcelona.

In the sentence, notified this Thursday, section 21 condemns Alves for the crime of sexual assault, who has already been in preventive detention for just over a year.to four and a half years in prison, five of supervised release and nine of removal from the victim, whom he must compensate with $150,000 euros.

The court, which rejects the mitigating circumstance of drunkenness raised by the defense, concludes that it has been proven that Alves, making “use of his greatest strength,” “suddenly” grabbed He threw the victim to the ground and, preventing her from moving, raped her, “despite the fact that the complainant said no, that she wanted to leave.”

According to the Court, when the victim found herself in a small bathroom with no possibility of exit, when Alves prevented her from doing so, and faced with the “violent attitude” that he showed, “she felt shocked and lacked the ability to react, coming to the point of feeling like she was short of breath.” given the situation of anguish and terror at what he was experiencing.”

The court has “no doubt” that the rape occurred and that Alves used “violence,” since the victim’s story regarding what happened inside the bathroom has been “coherent and especially persistent” and is also supported by “sufficient” peripheral evidence, such as the injuries he suffered in one knee, for which he also imposes a fine of $9,000 euros on the footballer.

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