Aleska Génesis talks about what she experienced with Nicky Jam: “He blocked all the men” – El Diario NY

Aleska Génesis talks about what she experienced with Nicky Jam: “He blocked all the men” – El Diario NY

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Nicky Jam years ago revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Aleska Génesis and he did so by sharing romantic photos of both of them and expressing his happiness at having found his soulmate. For her part, the Venezuelan model did not hesitate to show her love for the reggaeton singer, sharing special moments together and showing the luxurious gifts she received when they were dating.

The pink Lamborghini became the symbol of their love, attracting everyone’s attention for its extravagance and originality. Aleska Génesis did not hesitate to show off her gift, sharing photos and videos of the luxurious car on her social networks and thanking Nicky Jam for his generosity and affection.

However, they broke up years ago and they are still a topic of conversation because it is rumored that apparently she had done “witchcraft” to him. In addition, other details are handled because she is one of the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ and she said the following: “We had been very toxic towards each other in wanting to have all the control“.

Aleska took the opportunity to add that during the time they were together the situation did not end up being the healthiest for either of them: “He checked my phone, I checked his, we saw everything. He blocked me from all men. I’m sorry Nicky, but you blocked me from all the men there were.”

In addition, she mentioned that he apparently would have offered her an apology for what happened, but she would have been slow to accept it: “I acted crazy, I stopped talking to him for two days and that’s when I see that he also deleted the photo, finished. That’s what happened. We love each other, we love each other, cool, but we know that we don’t work at that moment.”

Daniella Navarro denies Aleska Génesis

Through the Telemundo cameras, Daniella Navarro did not hesitate to clarify what Aleska Génesis, who remains locked up in the reality show, said: “She likes to talk and defame other people like my friend Gaby Espino… Nicky blocked all your contacts because you flirted with everyone, and you went back to your ex-boyfriend. Tell the gossip what it is, Aleska! She is lying “.

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