Dua Lipa visits CDMX on the bridge: the places where she was seen

Dua Lipa visits CDMX on the bridge: the places where she was seen

Mexico City is one of the most visited capitals in the world, and it is common for international celebrities to be seen walking through its streets, as happened with the British singer Dua Lipa this weekend.

While many of the chilangos left the capital to take advantage of the long weekend for the March 21 holiday, Dua Lipa was captured by different parts of the city.

The “Levitating” singer was accompanied at all times by her partner, Callum Turner, as they toured the streets of Chilanga.

What places in CDMX did Dua Lipa visit?

The first place where Dua Lipa was captured in Mexico City was in a cafeteria in the Roma neighborhood, wearing a casual outfit.

Later, through social networks, it was announced that one of the singer’s fans recognized her and hugged her while she was outside the establishment. Additionally, according to videos shared by her follower, Dua Lipa agreed to make a call with a friend of her follower.

Later, the “Don’t Start Now” singer was caught by people who recognized her at the Contramar restaurant, also in the Roma-Condesa area.

The chef’s restaurant Andres Barragan It seems to be one of the singer’s favorites, since on other visits she has made to CDMX she also wore it.

Dua Lipa walks through CU on the bridge

Finally – and to the misfortune of the students who did not have classes this Monday – Dia Lipa walked through the University City of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Videos spread on social networks show the singer in the Las Islas area, near the UNAM Rectory and the Central Library, which looked free for her and Callum Turner to enjoy the Maximum House of Studies at their leisure.

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