La Bebeshita publishes old photos of Isis Serrath and accuses her of wanting to harm her – El Diario NY

La Bebeshita publishes old photos of Isis Serrath and accuses her of wanting to harm her – El Diario NY

La Bebeshita 3

The Little Baby He uploaded some photographs of Isis Serrath when she was young to her Instagram account, in order to show her physical change over time.

This publication has caused a stir on social networks, as many point out that the Mexican influencer wants to harm the new inhabitant of the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’.

To accompany these images, La Bebeshita wrote: “Oh, I’ll just leave this here and go away slowly,” accompanied by a fun emoji.

On social networks there were several reactions about what happened, because they considered that what the Mexican did, who a few days ago left the reality show on the Telemundo network, was not right.

“Didn’t Bebeshita spend 3 hours crying because Maripily bullied her because of her body and it affected her because of the insecurity she had about her physique? Wasn’t it the same one that she said that she didn’t mess with the physique of others? “Said a user on X.

There were also other messages such as: “Besides, regardless of all that, Serrath’s surgeon did appreciate her and left her like a goddess, and hers has a dog of courage that poor thing…”, “The first photo is a little edited, I can’t believe that He had the time to edit the photo, what an obsession. Oh, and don’t let her play dumb either, she also went through the operating room, but the big difference is that they left Serrath pretty #LCDFL4.”

The arrival of Isis Serrath to ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ has been quite eventful because from the first day she visited the mansion located in Mexico it was quite a media highlight, especially due to her relationship with Guty Carrera.

The actress had a slight argument with the Ecuadorian because she said that he betrayed her with other women and that he also did not fulfill his commitment to wait for her to leave the reality show.

On Guty’s part, this version is false and that is why he insisted that he not tell lies in front of the cameras in order to harm him.

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