Eduardo Yáñez poses with little cloth to show his “chicken legs” at 63 years old – El Diario NY

Eduardo Yáñez poses with little cloth to show his “chicken legs” at 63 years old – El Diario NY

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Telenovela heartthrob Eduardo Yáñez recently surprised his followers on the camarita social network because he shared two photos showing off his body at 63 years old. At the same time, The actor wore little clothing, and decided to pose with underwear while looking in the mirror and with phone in hand.

“I share my chicken legs again,” was the message that accompanied the images uploaded to the application. However, everything would be recorded due to some videos that she uploaded a week ago, where she shared part of her swimming classes and the clothing she wore showed her legs, part of her body for which she received criticism.

When I reach old age, I will tell my children to take away my cell phone”, “Instagram, take away this man’s account, it is visual pollution”, “The truth is well preserved for his age. Of course, he doesn’t know how to take photos,” “My good sir, those are not chicken legs. They are a couple of tremendous Greek columns”, “Cover up my baby because she is going to give you the flu”, “You look beautiful, honey! Maybe the pose was not the best, but many would like to be like you,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

Internet users criticize Eduardo Yáñez for his appearance

Eduardo has a wide variety of followers on the aforementioned platform and several of them focused on criticizing his legs, although they did not only do that because For some, his face would have changed a little. and there were many negative comments that he ended up receiving.

I thought you had legs… different”, “Old age is unforgiving and that’s where we all go…”, “But your legs look very thin”, “I wouldn’t have shown your skinny legs, what a disappointment”, “Your legs don’t match his torso”, “The skinny little legs”, “Yes, very handsome indeed, but what’s up with your legs, are you that thin?”, “What happened to your face?”, “So handsome you were,” “You were prettier in your good times now.” Not even his face looks good,” were some opinions from Instagram users.

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