Egyptian Horoscope: 3 signs that receive a warning in their dream before the end of March

Egyptian Horoscope: 3 signs that receive a warning in their dream before the end of March

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He Egyptian Horoscope He is not so well known in the West for a simple reason: he is too honest. And frequently, the astrology traditional dictates somewhat “neutral” messages for Zodiac signs usual. Although predictions in this area do raise some warnings, in general they are horoscopes that focus on the vision of the future thanks to the vision of the stars, the movement of the stars, and the most popular calendar.

However, the Egyptian methodology is characterized by acting based on crude warnings from the gods. That is, each deity of this culture tries to protect the “children of her,” preventing them before they experience a bad streak or a misfortune occurs. As the end of March approaches, there are three signs Egyptians who will have an important vision in dreams. Next, we tell you what they are and what dates they correspond to:

The 3 Egyptian signs that will receive a warning in your dreams

  • Children of Anubis (January 20 to February 18)

This March, the children of Anubis could find themselves in a dilemma in terms of career and life goals. The influence of the equinox will suggest seeking new opportunities and adventures through a dream. However, Anubis urges them to prioritize their safety: the presence of Bastet on the horizon indicates that there are temptations regarding activities that seem very rewarding, but that will not grant savings or financial prosperity to this person. horoscope.

  • Children of Osiris (May 20 to June 20)

The children of Osiris will be dreaming of work environments overflowing with certain surreal touches. This suggests that ego conflicts could arise at work or school, which could seriously affect your reputation. For the astrology Egyptian, and particularly for Osiris, it is essential that her children remain focused on their goals; The need to “gain” validation may prevail, but great caution is required to avoid falling prey to sabotage from older rivals.

  • Children of Isis (October 23 to November 22)

During this month, the children of Isis will dream of seemingly unknown places, particularly forests or mountains. This suggests that this sign You could face unexpected situations that test your emotional resistance. It is essential to remember that the protection of Isis will help you break through any obstacles in the way, but if impatience wins, unnecessary misunderstandings or conflicts cannot be avoided. To keep everything under control, pre-sleep meditation is crucial.

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