Former Real Madrid Mesut Özil spoke about his great physical change after retiring from the world of football – La Opinion

Former Real Madrid Mesut Özil spoke about his great physical change after retiring from the world of football – La Opinion

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Mesut Özil decided to end his career as a professional football player at the beginning of 2023 in a career whose trajectory is one of the most colorful in recent times and where the German midfielder had a life in some of the biggest clubs in Europe and with important roles, which also led him to be at the top of the football world. , especially when he became World Champion in 2014 with the German national team.

Once the game boots were posted, no greater things were known than what was posted on his social networks, but nothing of great relevance for the German midfielder, until in recent times he has surprised more than one with his impressive physical change that he has shown through the networks, where he has left more people with their mouths open. from one of his football fans and followers.

A Universal Soldier without a doubt

Today, 35-year-old Ozil has become something of a ‘Universal Soldier’ and performs demanding and quite rigorous training routines in the gym in different practices led by the renowned personal trainer, Alper Aksac, who has become a renowned figure in the world of fitness for exponentially increasing the muscle mass of his clients and giving them a gladiator appearance. In this new facet in Ozil’s life, he forced several questions to be asked in a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca.

“I enjoy every second with the family. I also have my businesses, some things in the real estate sector… And of course my hobbies. Like playing, going to the gym almost every day or one of my most recent hobbies: horseback riding. I’m enjoying it and having a lot of fun.”

“I don’t have a special goal. I’m not waiting for an offer from WWE (wrestling). Actually, I just do it for myself, to stay in shape. It is fun. I have my own home gym and a personal trainer. And that’s how I work every day.”

Offers for your return to professional football

The German also commented that he has received proposals to return to action on the playing fields., but he does not miss the sport and will continue to retire without any problems: “I thought very well about the decision I made a year ago and I knew exactly what I wanted. I enjoy life with my family in Istanbul to the fullest. It is a great pleasure to be able to watch my two children grow up and see them every day. I would have had opportunities to continue my career or even play again now, once again. I had offers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other leagues, but I didn’t want to and I don’t regret it.”

The German has become a kind of inspiration and motivation for his fans, especially those who like the world of training, and in several of his publications he has left important phrases: “If you always stay ready, then you don’t need to prepare.” He did it in one of his publications with a video of his training routine, where he is seen lifting weights with bars and dumbbells to tone his biceps. There has been so much attention and commotion caused by Ozil that even his former teammate and friend, Cristiano Ronaldo, spoke out about it. “Not bad, brother,” the Portuguese reacted, as a sign of approval for the results.

Future trainer in the fitness world?

“You never know, but right now it’s ruled out. I am happy how things are right now. “I’m not bored yet, we’ll see how things are in a couple of years.”

Although he confessed that he does not miss the sport of soccer, this only happens when It’s time to consider a return to professional action, but he remains just another fan of the game and does not ignore it at all: “I still watch the games, especially those of Real Madrid, Arsenal and Fenerbahce.”

Mesut Özil began his career as a player with Schalke 04 in Germany and made his debut in the Bundesliga in the 2006/07 season. His first titles came defending the colors of the Werder Bremen shirt (German Cup and German Super Cup). He had a total of 17 goals and 54 assists in 108 games. In what was the stage of greatest recognition for him as a Real Madrid player, he managed to win three trophies (Copa del Rey, Spanish League and Spanish Super Cup). He was sold to Arsenal and, between 2013 to 2021, won 4 FA Cups and 4 Community Shields.

Within the German national team, he played 92 games with 23 goals. noted in Die Mannschaft. He became world champion in the 2014 World Cup, also achieved third place in the 2010 World Cup and reached the semifinals of Euro 2012 and 2016. He was champion of the European Under 21 Championship in 2009.

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