Genshin Impact and Konosuba!  come together in epic Klee and Megumin crossover

Genshin Impact and Konosuba! come together in epic Klee and Megumin crossover

Thanks to the fact that the community of Genshin Impact It is so active that we can constantly see on social networks all kinds of works that surprise not only for their quality, but also for their originality, the clear example of this being the new mod shared by a user. And this allows us to bring the world of the popular anime Konosuba! to the Hoyoverse game, as you dress up the adorable Klee as one of the most beloved girls in the series, Meguminin work of the highest quality.

Klee and Megumin join forces in this new Genshin Impact mod

Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 4Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 4

Through the renowned mod sharing page known as Gamebanana, a user published this work that focuses on the character of Genshin Impact, Klee, giving her a new outfit, but which will be automatically recognized by anime lovers. And this is based on one of the most popular girls in the series Konosuba! has in its ranks, we mean Meguminsince work unites the two explosive girls of these franchises.

Since the main change that we can see in this work is the one made in the clothes of Klee, we notice that she no longer uses her pretty red and white dress with small gold details, nor the secondary outfit that dresses her as a witch, although it is a very similar one. This work brings the clothes of the dear Megumin as the main attraction, this being a full-body dress in red with some yellow details, where the cape stands out as well as the iconic sorceress hat of the girl belonging to Konosuba!

But this work is not a random choice, since both characters are recognized by the same aspect: the explosions. And so much Klee as Megumin They have a very strong connection with this type of action, the first girl because her main weapon is bombs, which she uses for everything, even fishing, while the second is a sorceress who only knows one spell, that of explosions, for which look more alike than normal. This is why fans of both franchises will appreciate this mod that unites the two girls perfectly.

Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 1Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 1
Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 2Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 2
Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 3Klee Megumin Konosuba Genshin Impact Mod 3

Konosuba! It is one of the most representative comedy anime of recent years, as it presents us with a story full of hilarious situations, as well as characters that became iconic thanks to their personalities. In this story we will meet Kazuma Satou, who after losing his life is transported to a fantasy world. Here he is blessed with the option to choose anything to begin his new life in this universe, but the choice he makes surprises the goddess of water. Aquawho would be in charge of reviving it, and our protagonist chooses her.

Being that having no other option but to fulfill his wish, Aqua is forcibly dragged to accompany Kazumain a story where we will see them survive in this fantasy world, at the same time meeting new friends like Darkness either Megumin, forming a very special group. But they are not recognized for their skills, but for the way they interact with each other. Now they must complete missions of all kinds, not only to become adventurers, but to earn money and be able to survive.

For its part, Genshin Impact It is one of the best representatives of the gacha genre, and its development was carried out by the company Hoyoverse, recognized for having created another very popular title up to that point, Honkai Impact 3rd. In this game, the story of the “Traveler” is known, who will travel at will across the continent of Teyvat, meeting many friends as well as enemies, who will get in the way of his mission to find his lost family member, but for his luck in this world, the Elements such as Pyro or Cryo can be controlled. With this, in his favor you will advance in his objective, facing all kinds of evils, but with the hope of completing his mission.

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