Gerardo Martino affirms that Inter Miami did not feel like competing in a 0-4 defeat against Red Bull – La Opinion

Gerardo Martino affirms that Inter Miami did not feel like competing in a 0-4 defeat against Red Bull – La Opinion


Gerardo Martino, coach of Inter Miami, declared himself angry this Saturday after the win 4-0 at the New York Red Bulls field and acknowledged that his team’s lack of competitive spirit makes him wonder how far they can go this season.

“We played a disappointing game, you can simply analyze it from there. There’s not much to say except to say that we were outplayed from start to finish. We played an unexpected game for us, disappointing, and that obviously makes us think about how far we have ambitions,” he said at a press conference.

“The only impact on the result is that Red Bulls had the desire to win and we had no desire to compete,” he said.

Without Lionel Messi due to injury, but with Luis Suárez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, Inter Miami foundered this Saturday in a match marked by the intense rain that fell in Harrison (New Jersey).

Lionel Messi, the absence for Inter Miami

The absence of Messi, due to muscular overload, was once again a very heavy burden for the team in pink.which has suffered two defeats this season and both happened without Rosario’s genius on the pitch.

“The reality is that it is not to come here and release roses because of what we have seen from our team and the responsibility of course belongs to everyone and mainly mine as a coach. But there was nothing in the previous record, not even in that defeat that was quite far from Montreal at home (2-3).which makes us think that we were going to have a production like today,” Martino argued.

“When a team enters a game and has no desire to win, it has no spirit, it does not compete, Undoubtedly on the other side, if you just want to win the game, they will win it,” he defended.

Martino did not want Messi’s absence to be an excuse to justify the poor performance of his team, which had “problems in all facets of the game.”

“The absence of the best player in the world is important for everyone. But last week Leo with DC didn’t play either,” He pointed out in relation to the match they won 1-3 in Washington against DC United.

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