Gisele Bündchen reveals that she almost died filming an ad in Iceland – El Diario NY

Gisele Bündchen reveals that she almost died filming an ad in Iceland – El Diario NY


The model Gisele Bundchen She attended the popular host Jimmy Fallon’s late night show as a guest to promote her latest cookbook, but during the entertaining interview, the Brazilian confessed the terrifying experience that he experienced during the filming of an advertisement.

The unexpected story came during one of the show’s usual games, titled “True Confessions,” in which Wayne Brady, a member of Fallon’s team, gets the guests to talk about intimate experiences.

In this case, Brady gave the model two envelopes, one that contained a lie about her life and another that had a truth, but it seemed very unlikely. Thus, what seemed most illogical turned out to be a great and unexpected reality, a bombshell news that occurred 25 years ago during the filming of an advertisement in Iceland.

At that time, Bündchen climbed aboard a fake iceberg created for the occasion, but located in arctic waters and in the middle of the action, She slipped and almost fell into the freezing water with only a nightgown on..

“The film crew was watching me from a boat and they were all dressed in thermal clothing while I was almost naked, in a satin nightgown,” the model explained and continued: “I did the photo shoot on a fake iceberg in Iceland and almost I fall into the ocean… I would have died in seconds because do you know what happens inside the frozen water of icebergs? “In seconds, you’re dead… dead!” he said.

This advertisement that was talked about in the program is available on YouTube and in it you can see that, indeed, the model performs acrobatic movements in a glacial context to promote a fragrance called Oxigene.

French artist Bruno Aveillan directed the commercial for the Lanvin company, when Alber Elbaz was the creative director. When the advertising spot came out it had a great impact among loyal fashion followers, but what was not known at the time was that Bündchen almost lost her life during filming.

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