How to do the salt RITUAL to start May with ABUNDANCE and money

How to do the salt RITUAL to start May with ABUNDANCE and money

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We are just a few hours away from starting the month of May and like every beginning, we want to do it in the best way so that it goes amazingly well and we can focus on all the good that can come to our lives, because they are also about new paths and opportunities where we can make better decisions for our well-being in all areas that are of interest to us.

That is why we must be prepared to start the month on the right foot and what better way to do it than with a ritual to attract abundance and money with an ingredient that we usually have at home and use to give seasoning to our dishes, it is salt.

And it is that the salt It is used in many rituals, since it is considered protective, so we can take advantage of this mystical property that is given to it and not only to have protection, but it will also help us attract wealth for this fifth month of the year. 2024.


This mineral has been used since ancient times because it is considered a purifying element and has the power to absorb bad energies, protect from evil and all types of envy, which is why it is essential for this ritual that will start the month of May with a more stable economy.

What do you need to do this ritual


Step by Step:

  1. In a glass glass, place the coarse salt until it covers a third of the container.
  2. Now, add a little water without filling the glass completely.
  3. You should let the glass of salt and water sit for about an hour.
  4. When the required time passes, you can wash your hands with this mixture while repeating the phrase: “salt is my protector and it will help me so that money always abounds in my home.”
  5. After you have said the phrase, you will have to clap three times or snap your fingers in order to dry your hands naturally without paper or towel.

It is very important that you do this ritual on the first Sunday of each month, that is, on this occasion you will have to do it on May 5, and it is also very important that you do it with a lot of confidence and put a lot of power in the words you say, with in order for the ritual to work.

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