How to use coffee to attract ABUNDANCE with a few simple steps

How to use coffee to attract ABUNDANCE with a few simple steps

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He Feng Shui usually teaches us how attract good things to our life and home as well as positive energies with small changes or actions, which are usually related to ingredients or decorative objects that we already have in the home, we just have to know how to use them and where to place them strategically to be able to attract what we desire and want most like the money.

That is why many resort to this belief because it usually gives good results and not only that, but it does not require spending a lot of money or time and the changes begin to be noticed in a short time if we know how to follow the rules and how to do it with the intentions. suitable.

So today we will teach you how to how to attract abundance with an ingredient that is basic in our kitchen, mainly that accompanies us at breakfast, it is coffeewhich will help us find the energy balance we need and thus be able to improve the quality of our life.


With just this ingredient we can put into practice a ritual, since according to this eastern belief, coffee represents power, vitality and energy in mental and spiritual aspects, in addition to always being accompanied by dynamism while these beans symbolize magnetic force.

Coffee ritual to attract abundance


  • Freshly ground or high-quality coffee beans
  • Water

Step by Step

  1. It is recommended to do this ritual when it is the most appropriate time for you, since you must focus on your intentions, meaning you must be free of stress or any distraction.
  2. It is time to make coffee, for which we must choose the best and highest quality beans and grind them to attract energy with greater power.
  3. Now prepare a cup of coffee as you usually do and if something is important in this practice, it is that the distinguished aroma of this drink must permeate the entire space in order to create positive energy and abundance.
  4. Close your eyes before taking the first sip and visualize the intentions you have and desires that you want to be fulfilled in order to attract them, such as money in which you will have to involve your feelings for a greater reality.
  5. While you drink coffee, continue repeating what you want to attract with positive affirmations and out loud to move the positive energy in this ritual.


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