Hugo Sánchez explodes against Nahuel Guzmán and shows him the red card in Mexican soccer – La Opinion

Hugo Sánchez explodes against Nahuel Guzmán and shows him the red card in Mexican soccer – La Opinion

Everything has a limit and for the Mexican soccer legend Hugo Sánchez, current analyst for the ESPN network, the attitudes and indiscipline of the Argentine goalkeeper of the UANL Tigres, Nahuel Guzmán They exhausted his patience, which is why he demanded that the South American goalkeeper return to his country if he does not contribute anything after the events in which he was involved when using a laser light against the Monterrey goalkeeper Esteban Andrada. That is to say, the former Real Madrid scorer showed the goalkeeper the red card in Mexican soccer.

“The example that Nahuel Guzmán gives is to send him home, we don’t want people like him in football Mexican. For me, players of that ilk, no matter how good they are, I don’t like having in Mexican soccer,” said the Pentapichichi of Spanish soccer and explained that the attitudes of the Tigres goalkeeper are a reason to analyze whether or not he should continue in Mexican soccer.

We do not understand, one thinks that the player must contribute, that he has a commitment“But I think people like this goalkeeper have crossed any limit,” said the analyst, visibly upset in his analysis of the events.

Hugo Sánchez did not hesitate to criticize Nahuel Guzmán and stated that it is a bad example for Mexican soccer, especially the last action in which he was able to attack a colleague in order to make him make a mistake on the field.

“One can understand the mischief on the field, the strong actions, but what happened I think goes beyond any limit.” and he is not a good example for anyone in Mexican soccer, so if this man does not contribute anything, he should return to his country.”

For Hugo, Nahuel Guzmán’s history of actions demand prompt action on the part of his team UANL Tigers and the Mexican soccer authorities who must impose an exemplary sanction on the player, because he said that: “A fact of this nature cannot be ignored.”

During his presentation on the “Fútbol Picante” program, Hugo ruled out that the affected person, the Monterrey goalkeeper, Esteban Andrada, could resort to a civil lawsuit against Nahuel Guzmán, as another of the panelists on this program suggested, especially because FIFA regulations prevent it.

It should be remembered that last Saturday, during the match between Monterrey vs. Tigers held at the BBVA Stadium, Nahuel Guzmán decided to bring a laser to annoy Esteban Andrada, provoking criticism from Hugo Sánchez, who insisted on taking strong action on the matter.

Imago 681166
Hugo Sánchez assumed a severe attitude against Nahuel Guzmán and stated that people of this ilk are not good for Mexican soccer. Photo: Eolísa Sánchez/Imago7.

For that reason, to conclude, Hugo Sánchez stated that: “Nahuel Guzmán has to step aside, We don’t need their unsportsmanlike examples” and even stressed that: “That is a negative image for children, for adolescents, for everyone. Now we are in a situation where there are so many bad examples that we say ‘well, one more.'”

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