Juan Pablo Medina told what happened to Wendy Guevara and claims to have apologized to her – El Diario NY

Juan Pablo Medina told what happened to Wendy Guevara and claims to have apologized to her – El Diario NY

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Juan Pablo Medina this time starred in a new controversy and it was because the behavior he had with Wendy Guevara at Madonna’s concert. For this reason, the actor was forced to accept his failure, while stating that he apologized for what happened.

“It was relaxing for me to arrive and all I wanted was to find my places. Unfortunately, I got to a place and they weren’t my places, but I didn’t want to have anyone else’s place. “It was quite a journey, I got frustrated and my behavior was unacceptable,” he said in front of the ‘Sale el sol’ cameras.

Medina added that: “Fortunately, Later I was able to talk to Joel and Wendy to apologize, because the truth is reprehensible. I am not soit had never happened to me, but he beat me to it and I apologized. I’m a fan of Wendy, I follow her, I think it’s extraordinary that she got on stage (with Madonna). Wendy is incredible and the truth is I was wrong.”

The renowned actor did not want to finish his speech without first mentioning that: “I am not going to justify myself, my attitude is reprehensible and I must understand that it is my problem.” and I must be more patient with the situation that is happening (…) You have to learn from your mistakes and understand that if it happens to you you have to take responsibility.”

Wendy Guevara tells her version

“My friend Randall and I went to the bathroom, then he (Juan Pablo Medina) was with other people who were next to us on the other side, he was separated from them, so they went to my place and Joel says (Wendy’s manager) who told them ‘that’s Wendy’s place.’ (And the actor answered) ‘I don’t care… Wendy blah blah blah,'” Guevara told Adela Micha.

“Juan Pablo Medina changed his tone of voice and became cool when he saw that Wendy went on stage with Madonna”, “Does Juan Pablo Medina always have to be upset?”, “They say that Juan Pablo kicked him”, Who is Juan Pablo Medina?”, “Juan Pablo is a super despot, that is why what happened to him happened to him”, “At that moment he was not Juan Pablo, he was like in a fragmented state”, “Juan Pablo wanted to put himself with Samson kicked”, “That Wendy speaks as if she were a man”, were some of the reactions recorded.

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